MG4: – Reduces the price

MG4: – Reduces the price

(Bill24): Among Chinese car brands, MG has sold the largest number of cars in Norway, and a total of about 14,000 vehicles have been registered on Norwegian roads. Among them are approximately 2,000 MG4 cars.

Now Norwegian MG importer Mobility Group has chosen to cut the price by NOK 20,000 on the MG4. This amounts to 7.3 and 6.1 percent, respectively, in the standard and luxury versions of the car.

Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck

Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck
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The new entry price will be NOK 265,900 for the standard version, which was introduced to the market only a year ago. Price includes shipping and delivery. The Deluxe Edition is NOK 60,000 more expensive, but gives you more benefits:

  • Larger battery and therefore longer range (435 vs 350 km)
  • 11 kW internal charger (vs. 6.6) and faster fast charging (140 kW vs. 88 kW)
  • Blind spot warning system, navigation, voice control, 360-degree camera, power-folding mirrors with heating, wireless charging pad, power-adjustable driver seat, 18-inch wheels (vs. 17-inch)
  • Heat pump
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This is what the owners think

In a reader survey conducted by Elbil24 in December, we received 19 responses from MG4 owners. Just over half got the deluxe version and gave it an average of 5.18 eyes on the template, which is higher than the average for the entire survey (5.13). Those with the standard version were not satisfied, scoring an average of 4.67.

Looking at all the answers together, owners are most satisfied with summer range, charging speed during trips, and ease of parking, while infotainment/operation, stereo, app, and air conditioning are categories that could benefit from poor scores.

It's worth noting here that Luxury Edition owners gave the air conditioning a score more than half a notch higher, so the heat pump clearly has a positive impact there.

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