Deflation – Check Price!

Deflation – Check Price!

It’s almost time for grocery stores’ third big launch window of the year, and in the next couple of weeks several hundred new grocery products will be hitting stores. Some had a false start, and among them we found an old acquaintance: the Freia Milk Chocolate Bobble. We haven’t seen it since it disappeared from the market seven years ago.

The design is new, both on the packaging and on the chocolate itself, but that’s not the only thing. On the shelf, they look similar to other large chocolate bars, and so does the price. There is still something contradictory. Because isn’t it a bit small?

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Where most large plates weigh 200g, this plate is only 150g. Therefore, you will get 30 percent more chocolate if you choose one of the other types. Or we say it as we like: Look at the price per kilo.

Bubble costs NOK 66.50 more per kilo. Therefore air (chocolate bubbles) is more expensive than chocolate.

do you remember?  This is what the original Chocolate Babel looked like when it was launched in 2012. Illustration: Freya

do you remember? This is what the original Chocolate Babel looked like when it was launched in 2012. Illustration: Freya
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Has deflation reached the candy shelf as experts expected?

We posed the question to Mondelez’s communications department, who responded in an email on behalf of Tina Stagnes, senior brand manager at Freia.

– Freya Bubble now comes in a 150g pack. This is a common size for many of our other products, and works well with this type of chocolate. The changes were made to give consumers a better chocolate experience.

Not just less

When the original bubble was released, Freya indicated that it was Larger Of the corresponding porous chocolate bars.

“The Freia Milk Chocolate Bobble comes in two sizes, an extra large 210g bar (other porous chocolate bars are 150g) and a 60g chocolate bar,” the company wrote in a press release at the time.

– What is the reason for the size change?

– The last time the Freya Bobble was on sale, it was part of a series of very large 210g plates that we no longer have. In relaunching Bobble, we have made changes to both the size and mold of the chocolate, the email said.

New design: Now it's easier to share fairly and evenly.  Photo: Mondelez

New design: Now it’s easier to share fairly and evenly. Photo: Mondelez
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A change has also been made to the trim. The previous record was asymmetrical, and we imagine it might have been a bit difficult to split fairly.

The chocolate is still full of air, but it’s easy to break it into equal-sized pieces.

The new shape will make it easier for consumers to crumble the chocolate, while providing a better tasting experience. The new look has also been adapted to Freia’s new panel design.

– You’ve never seen anything like it

Although the big release won’t happen until about a week from now, Freia has sent out a small preview of this year’s news, and the Freia Bobble is already in a number of stores. Sales have exceeded all expectations.

– Bobble sales have exceeded all expectations so far. In many stores that had Bobble on the shelves, this chocolate sold more than traditional Freia milk chocolate. We have not experienced this before and are now scaling up production to meet sales to customers who are now waiting for Freia Bobble, says Tina Stangnes at Freia in a press release.

It will prevent the sale

It will prevent the sale

It should be a long-awaited relaunch.

– There was a huge commitment from consumers to bring Bobble back to the store. In recent years, we have received countless inquiries about this topic from bubble enthusiasts across the country. The huge commitment is a big reason why Bobble is relaunching now. It’s got a new, exciting Freia design, but we can promise the taste is the same, says Stangnes.

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