Viggo Venn received NOK 3.4 million in his account

Viggo Venn received NOK 3.4 million in his account

At the beginning of June, comedian and clown Viggo Finn (34) ran away with a win on Britain’s Got Talent. He became the first Norwegian to win a popular talent competition.

-I feel very clear now, thank you very much!, said a very surprised Finn from the stage at that time.

- It's a psychological nightmare

– It’s a psychological nightmare

He received £250,000, just over NOK 3.4 million. But for The newspaper online The 34-year-old stated in mid-July that he had not yet received the million-dollar payment.

to reject: One “Traitor” participant this fall had a physical reaction to being called a traitor. Then the choice was easy. Reporter: Thal Christensen. Video: Ken Falch/TV2
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A stern message from my mother

Viggo Venn is one of 22 participants taking part in the third season of TV 2’s “Forræder”. When Se og Hør met the leading clown during the show’s press screening last week, he was able to announce that he had finally received his prize money.

– Yes, now I got the money! It was just that I didn’t create a valid account. I have a bank account in England, which is linked to a card. But my mother explained that the money should not be in an account linked to the card. I totally agree with that, because I lose my card once every six months, says Finn, who lives in the north of England.


– I don’t want to lose my bank card when I have 3.4 million in my account. It’s sour. Imagine what the story would be like then.

- Well cooked

– Well cooked

I bought a car for £600

He makes no secret that it was a special day, to say the least, when the money arrived.

– He was quite sick. I just replied to the email and then ‘called’: 2 days later I received a message saying £250,000 had been deposited into the account. It was a strange feeling.

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-So how much money have you spent since then?

– You know, I didn’t spend that much money myself, because I lived frugally for many years. I haven’t changed on that. But I bought myself 1,000 reflective jackets and a small car. It costs £600.

TV News: Viggo Venn appeared in this costume when he was going to watch the first episode of the show

TV News: Viggo Venn appeared in this costume when he was going to watch the first episode of “Forræder” with the press and other participants last week. Photo: Björn Ecker/Dagbladet
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– A £600 car?

– Yes, around NOK 7,000. But then, it’s a kids’ car, then. For children aged 8 years. A car that I use at the end of my shows. I have never been able to pay £600 for something like this until now.

– Rocket mood at the BBC

Victory on “Britain’s Got Talent” ensured that the Norwegian would become an overnight star.

– Yes, I literally became one. When “Forræder” was recorded, I had 2,000 followers on Instagram, I think, and “bang”: suddenly I had 160,000 followers, he says with a laugh.

Norwegian Viggo Finn has captivated the British public and is ready for the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent. Video: Bjørje Daly-Johansen, “Britain’s Got Talent”
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He reveals that victory brought with it a night with minimal sleep.

– Because I wanted this day to last as long as possible. Then I realized that I had an interview that day, my family was coming – and I had a show in the evening. You’re tired, but I can’t complain either.

- I'm broken

– I’m broken

But the success also had a downside.

– There was some hate online. Among other things, when I went to Manchester and was a guest on the BBC Breakfast programme. It was “full tits” on a show broadcast live at 8am. Monday for me.


– I can imagine Gerd’s reaction in the seventies when I gather my energy early in the morning. Fans loved it, of course, but this one probably didn’t reach the entire target group. I rocked the mood on the BBC’s Trusted Channel.

TV News: Back from left: Viggo Finn, Peter

TV NEWS: Back from left: Viggo Finn, Peter “Catastrofi” Christiansen, David Mockel, Desta Marie Beder, Oskar Westerlin, Karina Olsett, Karianne Amli, Fridtjof Saheim, Kirsti Greaney. Front: Frodi Grodas, Even Northug, Marilyn Stavrum, Björg Thorhalsdottir, Morten Thoresen, Marthe Bratberg, Tamana Agnihotri, Eva B Ragd, Michael Andreessen, Sneva Rose, Tom Egeland, John Martin Henriksen and Lieutenant Colonel Mads Hansen. Image: ESPN SOLLEY/TV2
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– Fuel cap

Viggo Venn remembers being completely on fire on X, what was called Twitter.

– It was very hot. People thought it was too early to do this, and many of them were hoping that this would be the last time they would see me on TV. I just logged out.

– Did you let yourself be affected by it?

– No, I think it’s fun. It’s absolutely crazy that I, of all people, should be on the BBC, it’s really cool. People ask how I can win because I don’t have any talent. But then I just answer that I completely agree.

Viggo Venn’s win on Britain’s Got Talent has sparked controversy in the UK. Video: ITV reporter Matthias Moen.
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– Do you agree with those who think that you do not have talent?

– Yes. Or… comedians know that I’ve been doing this for many years, that I’ve lived below the poverty line and given everything to art. She’s the runner-up almost like an Olympic gymnast, doing something almost no one else can do. What I do, anyone can do. “I think it’s great to win such a competition for something that everyone can do,” he says humbly to Se og Hør.

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