June 10, 2023


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Prince William has entered into a giant secret settlement with the media mogul

Siblings: Prince William (left) and Prince Harry, here outside Windsor Castle in September, just after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

This appears in court documents that Reuters had access to.


In 2011, it made headlines when it became known that Murdoch’s newspaper allegedly censored a number of celebrities – including Prince William.

In 2020, Prince William and Rupert Murdoch entered into a settlement.

The settlement remains secret for now, but according to court documents cited by Reuters, it is said to be a “very large” amount.

The settlement reportedly took place between a secret agreement designed by Buckingham Palace, writes to Reuters.

The reason the court documents have now surfaced is that Prince Harry will attend a hearing on Tuesday in connection with another case.

Thus, the information regarding William’s settlement comes from Prince Harry and his lawyer.

Prince Harry is suing Newspapers Group (NGN) because he claims the British tabloid company illegally obtained private information about him from the mid-1990s to 2016.

In court documents, it should have also appeared that Harry’s grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth, had been involved in discussions about the case and that she had allowed him to pursue the case.