Everything is new – ITavisen

Everything is new – ITavisen

In early February, we announced that Opera will add artificial intelligence to its browser. Now the first version of Opera One has been released.

At that time, we announced those plans for ChatGPT:

Opera, which is headquartered in Oslo and owned by Chinese company Kunlun Tech, is an impressive discovery. Kunlun has announced that ChatGPT will be integrated into the browser. It is not yet known when or which versions of the browser (mobile, web, iOS or Android) will receive support. First, if a platform is prioritized. According to Statcounter, Opera has a 2.4 percent market share among browsers and has increased revenue a lot thanks to game integration.”

The first version has been released and can be downloaded now. It will replace the current version on Windows, macOS, and Linux later this year.

The interface, animations and functions have been upgraded

There are plenty of new features here, including an interface that’s been upgraded with modular thinking to accommodate AI features. The browser uses these to automatically group together web pages that make sense to sit together. The user can also manually create ‘tab islands’ for their content if they wish – everything is separated by a clear colored design.

Fluid animations, elegant visual effects, and a smooth experience.


ChatGPT, ChatSonic and AI functionality are all enabled by default. The latter shows the user how chatbots can modify the text on a page, or create a quiz based on what they read on the website. From the outset, the browser has music players for various services, built-in instant messaging services, and workspaces.

Vine Islands. Photo: Oprah

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