Fell unconscious – died in hospital

Fell unconscious – died in hospital

The woman, who was found unconscious in an apartment building in Trondheim on Sunday, died in hospital on Monday.

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– The case is now being investigated as a suspicious death, where the aim is to clarify why and how the deceased sustained his injuries, Ole Andreas Auftred, police prosecutor in the Trentalak police district, said in a press release.

The girl’s relatives were informed.

A 50-year-old woman was found unconscious in an apartment building in Trondheim.

Aftret says in a press release that the main hypothesis is that the woman was innocent. At the same time, the police are working with several hypotheses, including that the woman may have committed a criminal offence.

– Damage can be caused by both an accident and a criminal offence, Aftret tells VG.

– An autopsy will now be done on the deceased, so we can clarify the cause of death.

There are two witnesses in this case, aged 40 and 50. A man under 50 has a relationship with a woman. They have been charged with perjury regarding witness statements.

Aftret says the descriptions given by the two men were about the woman’s movements and the background of her presence in the apartment.

– Find out if they misunderstood the situation, misremembered or intentionally withheld information.

Afred says that the police are not suspicious of the case, on the assumption that the woman is a victim of a criminal offence.

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