Election 2023, Sylvi Listhaug | Listak with a message to Storr after the defeat: – He should have heard us!

Election 2023, Sylvi Listhaug |  Listak with a message to Storr after the defeat: – He should have heard us!

As Labor gains less support in this year’s municipal and county council elections, the blue-blue wave is surging.

Currently, Fremskrittspartiet has more support than in the previous local elections. They advanced from 2.8 percentage points to 11 percent, overtaking the Sp as the third largest party.

Such numbers make party leader Sylvie Listag laugh.

– I am very happy. What this means is that we have attacked our issues in the election campaign, both of which are very local issues, but we have raised care for the elderly and schools. There are issues that hit voters well, Listhaug tells Nettavisen at the Frp’s election vigil in Bristol.

– This is your first local election as party leader. How much credit can you take for this election result?

– I think it’s a team effort. I traveled across the country and coast, driving long distances in a motorhome, but along the way I met an incredible number of determined people. It was simply wonderful. Commitment remained high throughout the election campaign.

Message to Støre

According to predictions by TV 2 and NRK, the Conservative Party and the FRP are making strong progress in this year’s municipal elections. AAP is likely to lose its position as the country’s largest party.

Prime Minister and leader of the Labor Party Jonas Carr Storr did not hide his disappointment after tonight’s results.

– This is not enough, said lecturer Storr at Ap’s election vigil in Folkets Hus in Oslo.

Listhaug believes tonight’s election results speak for themselves. He believes the Norwegian people are open to change.

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– What message do you have for Støre tonight?

– I think this is a message that voters are dissatisfied with the way the country is governed, and I can understand that very well. What has happened in the last two years is that the state has become richer and everyone else has less. Instead of giving people small support packages here and there, we have said that we will cut taxes and fees so that people can fend for themselves. Listak says the store should have listened to us and done that instead.

A culture war in the wake

It caused a stir when Unge Høye president Ola Svenneby announced that the “Greta Thunberg generation” was dead, jubilant after the school election.

Svenneby received harsh criticism for his statement and later apologized. On the other hand, Fremskrittspartiets Ungdom (FpU) leader Simen Velle has come out and supported Svenneby.

– A generation of climate strikers who made tough demands on politicians did nothing. We can declare the people’s movement dead, Welle added Class struggle.

Both youth politicians argue that children and young adults are moving to the right because they are fed up with identity politics, cancellation culture and political correctness.

– Do you think this topic played a role before the election?

– Yes, that may have played a role. Munnetra Party has always been clear about it. We call a spade a spade and dare to take on the tough debates. I am incredibly proud of FpU and their work in school elections. Listack concludes that this bodes well for the future.

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