This is how the storm affects Nordland, Troms and Finnmark – NRK Nordland

This is how the storm affects Nordland, Troms and Finnmark – NRK Nordland

– I have pilots and colleagues who have flown for many, many years and are used to many weather warnings. They have never encountered anything like this.

This is what Katarina, the communications manager at Widerøe, tells NRK.

The airline has canceled all flights north of Trondheim until 1pm on Monday. A fresh assessment will be done at 11 am, he says.

– It is simply the strength of the wind. We're talking up to 70 knots (36 m/s). So there is a breath of fresh air – so to speak. Solli says it is not compatible with flight operations.

Catharina Solli, communications manager at Widerøe, says pilots at the company have never encountered weather similar to the one reported on Monday.

Photo: Einar Aslaksen / Einar Aslaksen

The National Weather Service writes that a storm is already brewing Monday morning — and it's only going to get worse.

“We expect strong winds between 12 and 15”, Write meteorologists in X.

In addition, severe turbulence and the risk of icing on the wings at altitude have been reported.

– As a result, we put as many planes as we can in the hangars. If anyone thinks hatch parking is a bit silly, you can try parking five planes in the hangar.

Widero's plane is parked together in a hangar in Bodo.

Widerøe has chosen to put many aircraft in hangars as a result of strong winds like here in Bodø. Aircraft that do not have space in the hangar must be attached to the ground with straps.

Photo: Widerøe

– Where we don't have space, it's important for airplanes to keep their noses in the air, and then they must be attached to the ground with strong straps.

– How unusual is it to build an airplane?

– This is not normal. This does not happen every year.

All flights from Bodo Airport have been canceled on Monday morning.

All flights to and from Bodo were canceled till 1 pm on Monday morning. Widerøe will make a new assessment at 11am.

Photo: Avinar

1,000 houses without electricity

The storm causes major delays in road, ferry and air connections.

  • An avalanche has occurred on the national highway 85 in Kvæfjord. This means that Västerelen is now isolated from the mainland.
  • The E6 is closed over Saltfjellet in Nordland.
  • Most ferry and speedboat connections have been cancelled.
  • SAS and Norwegian have canceled several flights in northern Norway. Tromsø, Bodø and Evenes Airport have the most problems.
  • Havilah Kistruden has canceled many of his calls due to the weather.
  • Hardikruten is also found on the coast of northern Norway.

Map showing hazard warnings for high water levels in three northern counties.

On Monday morning, meteorologists extended a warning for high water levels to western parts of Lofoten. The notice is applicable on Mondays from 2-6pm.

Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

The storm caused power outages in many places in Nordland.

– Asgeir Jordbru, district emergency management manager in Nordland, tells NRK that there are currently 1,000 subscribers without electricity.

He says there are power outages in many places, but 380 customers are in the municipality of Hero Island.

In addition, large parts of Rødøy are without mobile network.

In the municipality of Brønnøy, a minke whale washed ashore during the night.

The Norwegian Port Authority is investigating whether the whale is dead or still alive.

Stranded whale in Brønnøysund - washed ashore
Photo: Ole-Christian Olsen

Closing schools

Many schools in Nordland are also closed due to the storm.

Andøy and Vest-Lofoten high schools are closed.

Municipal schools and kindergartens in Westvago are also closed due to the storm. Schools in Hatsel municipality are also closed, but kindergartens are still open.

Chordland High School has an open school for students who are able to attend school, but also have access to digital learning for those who cannot attend school.

At Knut Hamson Secondary School, students in the Stegan section receive digital teaching.

Hazard warnings map in northern Norway.  A yellow wind warning has been issued for Finnmark, Troms and the northern part of Nordland.  Also, a yellow warning has been issued for the southern parts of Nordland.

An orange warning has been issued for strong winds for large parts of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland.

Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

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