This year, the Vikings were in North America – Viji

This year, the Vikings were in North America - Viji
Leave Erickson Celebrated: In July 2000, to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Leave Erickson’s voyage, an American copy of the Viking ship near L’Ans Ox Meadows.

Researchers say a new study has found the exact year the Vikings were in North America Natural.


Year 1021. Up to 100 Vikings, women and men cut down trees to repair their ships and built a village on the L’Ans Oaks prairie in Newfoundland.

– This is the first time that this date has been scientifically established, says Margot Guidams, an archaeologist at the University of the Chronicles. NBC.

– The time was ago only in terms of colleagues written at least 200 years after the events took place.

The Vikings, who came to Newfoundland from Greenland, were from Iceland and Scandinavia, but according to research, they did not stay for more than 13 years before returning to Greenland.

Piece of wood: Picture of a piece of wood from the L’Ans Oaks meadow.

The key to the exact date of when the Vikings existed is the increase in one of the radioactive forms of carbon that occur naturally in the element. An increase was seen in antique wood chips, some sticks, a piece of trunk and a piece of board from the site.

Native Americans lived in the L’Ans Oaks grasslands before and after the Vikings. Therefore, the researchers had to make sure that all the pieces of wood had unique markings after being cut with metal tools – no access to the tribe.

Archaeologists have long called the C-14 dating to determine the approximate age of organic matter such as wood, bone and coal. Recent studies use a technique based on world events with cosmic radiation – probably caused by solar flares, to determine the exact date.

The Royal Couple on Visit: Queen Sonja and King Harold visit the L’On ஆs Aux Meadows and Museum in 2002.

Previous studies have shown that such an event occurred in 993, which led to unusually high levels of radioactive C-14 in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees breathe Co2, so researchers can calculate the number of annual rings discovered from 993 using radioactive carbon. Using this knowledge, the researchers came to the conclusion that all the pieces of wood studied were derived. Felled trees and 1021.

Researchers have not been able to determine whether 1021 was the beginning or end of the Viking Age in Newfoundland, but they now believe they have scientifically established that they were there this year.

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