Facebook, technology | Responds to Facebook’s name change plans:

Facebook, technology |  Responds to Facebook's name change plans:

It’s very strange to think of how to integrate Facebook as a brand.

That’s what Trond Blindheim, a lecturer in the marketing department at Christiania University College in Oslo, said.

On Wednesday morning came the news of Facebook Planning to change names to one that reflects the company’s new commitment to the so-called “meta universe”.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will speak at the company’s annual Connect conference on October 28, but the name change could be announced before, he writes the edge.

The name change was made to make the company better known for more than just social media, according to the US technology website.

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Blindheim is very surprised by the plans to change the name. It compares the American IT giant with other famous brands.

– is one of the biggest brands in the world today. He points out that it’s as if Coca-Cola or Grandiosa should change their name.

Not drastic changes

Blindheim is surprised that a world-famous brand name change can be done on such a thin basis.

“I don’t see any rationale that would justify changing their names for so little,” he says.

Could a name change have consequences for Zuckerberg & Co?

– It’s bold, but I don’t think it will have any practical results. He’s well known and “everyone” is on Facebook, so changing the name wouldn’t make sense in that sense, explains Blindheim.

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The whole thing is less dramatic than it might seem, says Dag Inge Fjeld, University lecturer in the Marketing Department at Kristiania University College.

The name changes relate to clarifying the differences between the parent company and the subsidiaries, he explains to Nettavisen.

important for development

As The Verge wrote, Fjeld also notes that based on the initial information that has emerged, only the parent company is “Facebook Inc.” Who will change the name?

In other words, the premium Facebook app and website will probably be under the same premium name and blue logo.

– It will be like Google and Alphabet, the university lecturer points out.

Google created Alphabet Inc as a parent company in 2015, with the goal of owning many of the companies that were created and owned by Google Inc. , including Google itself.

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Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook Inc. To a giant tech company, since he started it as a digital platform with his fellow students in 2004 while studying at the famous Harvard University.

Facebook Inc. Now she runs Instagram and WhatsApp.

With the name change, the company structure is what gets done, Fjeld explains.

According to him, the move from Facebook is a clear indication that they will be ahead of the competition.

They are about ‘virtual reality’ (VR) and ‘augmented reality’ (AR) and they want to be ahead of Google and Apple. Therefore, they need a different name for the company that makes these solutions, Fjeld explains.

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Virtual and augmented reality mean computer-simulated reality and technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data, for example using graphics and sound.

big bill

According to experts, changing the name will be very expensive for Zuckerberg and Facebook.

“It’s hard to say the exact amount, but there are likely hundreds of millions who have to go out with them here,” Trond-Blendheim explains.

He had the support of fellow Dag Ingefield.

It costs, but it’s definitely worth it, notes the college transcripts.

At the same time, he adds, it could be a reasonable move for the company to put itself in a better political position, without jeopardizing values.

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