Donald Trump – She’s like my psychiatrist

Donald Trump - She's like my psychiatrist

New York (Dagbladet): Maggie Haberman is one of the most well-known journalists, and she has covered the presidency of Donald Trump closely. According to her forthcoming book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, Trump is said to have had a somewhat special relationship with her.

– I’d love to be with her. She’s like my psychiatrist, Trump told employees during an interview at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home, according to an excerpt from the book, which was published in Atlantic Ocean.

– flatter

Habermann himself thinks the statement offers some insight, but at the same time it is “a pointless remark, which was almost certainly meant to be flattering.”

The truth is that he treats almost everyone as if they were psychiatrists – reporters, bureaucrats, members of Congress, friends and pseudo-friends, rally leaders, White House staff and clients. Habermann writes in the excerpt that everyone has a chance to vent and test reactions, gauge how their statements work, or discover how they feel.

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She has covered Trump closely for many years and has interviewed him several times.

Haberman also writes about how she is often asked to “explain” Trump’s actions, but the truth is, after all, almost no one knows.

– He lives

– Develops things live in front of us all. Along the way, he redirected an entire country to respond to his moods and emotions. Some know it better than others, but it is often simply vague. Habermann writes that it allows people to read the meaning and depth into each verb, however empty it may be.

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The book, which will be published next week, is getting a lot of attention in the United States due to Haberman’s access to Trump.

In February this year, the US news website published Axios An article in which they discussed skepticism about allegations that Donald Trump tore up case documents and tried to flush them down the toilet while he was President of the United States. Posted in August Axios And the CNN Pictures to prove suspicion.

Are the pictures

Then Habermann explained Twitter It recently received the photos in question, which it has now shared with Axios and CNN, from an unnamed source who worked in the Trump White House.

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In August, the FBI searched his Florida home and confiscated a large number of these documents.

According to the Washington Post, some documents are so sensitive that very few US government agencies have access to them, and having a “top secret” security clearance isn’t enough.

The situation could lead to major legal problems for Trump.

In the book, Haberman asks Trump if he brought classified documents from the White House with him.

– Surprised

– He denied it when I asked him if he had brought with him any important documents from the White House. “Nothing very important, no,” said Habermann, before mentioning messages Kim Jong-un had sent him, which he had shown several times to guests in the Oval Office, which had advisers worried that he was ignoring sensitive material, Habermann wrote in the book. .

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– Were you allowed to take it with you? Haberman asks more.

– He continued talking and seemed to record my surprise and said, “No, I think they are in the archives. Most of them are in the archives, but Kim Jong-un’s letters…we have incredible things.” The truth is that Trump didn’t return the letters — which were part of the boxes he took to Mar-a-Lago — to the National Archives until months later, Haberman wrote.

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