Wanted after this

Wanted after this

In a Twitter post, Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, took a tough stance against two people seen driving waterslides across the Grand Canal, the city’s main traffic artery.

Watch the action in the video window above!

There are very strict rules for what you can do in the canal, and among other things, you are not allowed to bathe in the water.

to me Watchman The two young men were seen navigating gondolas and water buses in the canal on jet skis, and several people were said to have posted the incident on social media – albeit with different messages.

Some people think the episode is “shameful,” while others write that they think it’s “fantastic.”

However, the one who didn’t think the stunt was so funny was Mayor Brugnaro, who has now issued a bounty on the two men. After calling the two peoples “idiots,” he wrote:

I ask everyone to help us identify them so that we can punish them, writes Brugnaro, who believes that the episode is a danger to public safety.

And the prize?

dinner at his expense.

Last week, Brugnaro was said to have asked for 10 years in prison for a Scottish tourist who was caught diving in the canal, the Guardian reported. In 2020, a French tourist was fined 150 euros for using a paddleboard in the canal.

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