debate, sustainability | bureaucratic deadlock

debate, sustainability |  bureaucratic deadlock

boss This is a commander. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

green shift take time. The green transition is slowed down because new solutions are expensive. The transition to more sustainable solutions is being delayed because we wait for support schemes, for the next advances in technology or something else. And when the motive is big enough and the solutions are good enough, the general bureaucracy gets in the way.

in South Fron The couple who own a cabin in Vendalen think they can install solar panels on the roof without actually having to worry about the municipality. The mount is non-reflective and thus is a nuisance to people who might see it. However, the message from the municipality is that they must submit a building request with the associated neighbor notice.

Municipality of Sur Fron It receives many inquiries from cabin owners who want rooftop solar cells, but have not found a good practical solution for how to handle the large load. It is unlikely that many municipalities will have that. The management is not on its feet and is able to carry out its official duties in an important area. This does not only apply to municipalities.

Everything is marketed Solar cell technology with wall and ceiling panels as a solution for today and tomorrow. In rural areas, residential real estate and business areas, there can be no reason why the Planning and Building Act is delaying this progress. In municipalities that have not had a position for several decades when it comes to light pollution and visual disasters in the form of low-cut booths and headless booth design, it cannot be the case that people invoke the right to say a relatively yes or no. Simple actions of people who want to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity.

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there is a need For a patriotic clarification on this subject. There should be some justifiable exceptions to public policy, but the general rule should be that cabin owners and others can use solar power wisely.

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