– We know people are dissatisfied – V.G

- We know people are dissatisfied - V.G
In need of consolation: Keir Pollestad, SP’s parliamentary deputy.

ARENDAL (VG) Six in ten think the government has handled the electricity crisis badly.

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– I am very concerned about the percentage who answered “very well”, actually, laughs Keir Pollestad (SP).

VG has shown him a recent poll from Respons Analyze where the verdict on the government’s handling of the electricity crisis is crushing: almost 60 percent think the handling is bad.

Electricity prices have soared in southern Norway this summer, the government said on Monday Schedule For power emergency operations.

The plan is not good enough for the opposition parties in the Storting, and the President has now decided that the Storting may interrupt a non-sessional period. emergency meeting About electricity.

– Know that people are dissatisfied

Pollestad is the parliamentary deputy leader of the Center Party in Storting and hails from Rogaland, which has been affected by the electricity crisis.

– I think the correct answers here are those who answered “neither good nor bad”. He tells Viji that it will be the third so he will get some comfort from it.

– If we wander around thinking that we have handled this well, we are in for a complete crisis. Then there will be no room for improvement. We know people are unhappy.

Even Polstad would answer “well.” And he defends the government.

Not satisfied: Labor deputy leader Bjorner Skjärn.

– Can’t be satisfied

– If from day one we had given a very good electricity subsidy or a flat electricity subsidy to everyone in the business world, we would also have had cases where people were paid to use electricity or people dealing in cryptocurrency received state support. Pollestad says.

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Labor deputy leader Bjorner Skajaren was also unsatisfied:

– We cannot be satisfied with that. That means we have a job.

But he believes the government has better solutions.

– The right believes that the market will fix this. I don’t believe in that because we see that it doesn’t work. There are other parties that have much simpler solutions, and I’m interested in us developing policies that stand the test of time. What is happening in Europe now may be prolonged, and then we cannot jump into simple plans.

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