– Above 20 degrees – V.G

- Above 20 degrees - V.G
Cold: Over 20 degrees at the weekend in some places in eastern Norway. A customs retriever cools down the river in Oslo in July 2022.

While easterners brace for warmer temperatures, elsewhere in the country you’ll need to find snow shovels and umbrellas.

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On Wednesday, Traman was the hottest city in the country at 21.5 degrees. Such temperatures can also be experienced in other parts of eastern Norway.

– Inland, primarily in eastern Norway and Aktor, it will be up to 20 degrees at the weekend. In the north-west of eastern Norway, they could get over 20 degrees, meteorologist Susanna Reider from the Meteorological Institute tells VG.

It will strengthen in the coming days as the low pressure is over Sweden. A low pressure area is leading to strong northerly winds in eastern Norway, the meteorologist says.

– This may cause air to come up the mountain, which is very hot when it descends to the ground – so-called wind, Reuter says.

Although periods of high temperatures and sunshine are expected in eastern Norway, widespread rain is likely, the meteorologist adds.

And not just good news – see graphics of how the world’s temperature changes month by month:

Flood Warning: – 60 to 80 millimeters of rainfall

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow flood warning for northwestern Norway and the Trondheim region.

This is due to the aforementioned low pressure, which will pick up in the coming days, Ryder tells VG.

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– In Møre and Romsdal, we have issued a yellow warning from Thursday evening to Saturday evening. Rain is expected due to a low pressure system, says Royder.

– Between Friday morning and Saturday morning, Roeder says 60 to 80 millimeters of rain will fall in Møre and Romsdal in 24 hours.

Meteorologist says that it is very necessary for people to drive vehicles according to the conditions in such rainy weather.

– There is risk of rainwater flooding in dense areas. This can lead to difficult driving conditions locally, says Ryder.

Severe drought on three continents at once: “It’s very unique.”

Towards 80 millimetres: In 2005, storm surges flooded the streets of Ålesund. Over the weekend, 60 to 80 millimeters of rain is expected in Møre and Romsdal.

Snow warning

With the aforementioned low pressure, some will feel like winter isn’t many months away.

– As the low pressure moves slightly, the dew line is lowered. It is difficult to say anything about the extent of the snow, but Roeder says that the snow limit is probably as low as 800 to 1,000 meters, and this applies to the northwestern parts of southern Norway, such as Strinefjellet and Sogn-Ok. Trollheimen in Fjordane, and Møre and Romsdal.

A yellow snow warning has been issued for the northwestern mountain areas of southern Norway.

– As it is still summer in the tires, summer tires are suitable. If people go for a cabin tour, tough driving conditions are expected. Reuter says it’s important for people to check the weather forecast before setting off.

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Warning: By the end of the week, snow will drop to 800 to 1000 meters. Image taken in 2020 from Vikafjellet in Westland County.

Strong winds and high waves

Stronger winds south of Stadt on Friday, says Roeder.

– Tomorrow, strong to strong gale force winds are expected, with gusty winds expected in many areas. Gusts of 25 to 27 meters per second are expected along the coasts of Rogaland and Hortaland. Waves could reach five to six meters, says Royder.

However, westerners can rejoice that the weather will be somewhat better on Saturday and Sunday.

– South of Stott, scattered showers with sunshine are still expected on Saturday and Sunday, Reuter says.

Strong winds: Winds up to 27 meters per second are possible along the coast in Old Rogaland and Hordaland districts.

On the other hand, in Trøndelag, the wind is not so strong.

– Rainfall characterizes the weather forecast for Trøndelag. The wind may not be very strong, but there may be a fresh breeze. It will rain almost all weekend and there will be local fog – in places like Møre and Romsdal, says Reuder.

– Vulnerable to local fog

Also in northern Norway, they should be prepared to find rubber boots.

– On Friday, rain is expected in Trams, while mostly clouds and stays in Nordland. Roeder says it is unsafe for local fog in the inland areas of Trams and Finnmark.

However, on Saturday and Sunday, the weather will be somewhat better in northern Norway.

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– At the end of the week, the weather in Nordland will be milder, but widespread rain is expected. In Troms and Finnmark, they get a bit of wind, clouds and a few showers on the coast, but plenty of sunshine, says Roeder.

However, the entire country can expect moderate weather from the middle of next week.

– During the next week, the low pressure system will start moving towards the northeast and then dry weather will prevail over most of the country. If forecasts hold, another low pressure system will arrive late next week, which could mean more rain, but that’s still uncertain, meteorologist Reuter says.

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