The E18 was opened after a traffic accident – probably involving 10 cars

The E18 was opened after a traffic accident – probably involving 10 cars
The E18 was opened after a traffic accident – probably involving 10 cars
Major accident: Several people were involved in an accident in a gully near Dansberg, but no serious injuries.

On Tuesday afternoon, several traffic accidents caused traffic problems in eastern Norway. E18 reopened at Gully.

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Ten vehicles may have been involved in the accident. Police say the southbound lane is closed and no one was seriously injured.

– The police write at 3.17 pm that a person has been taken to the hospital for further investigations.

The road has now reopened.

The police write that a total of 17 people were involved in the accident. Seven people emerged unharmed, nine were sent to the emergency room and one was sent to the hospital.

– We have said it many times in recent days, but we say it again: drive carefully!, writes Sør-East police district.

Gully: A multi-car crash on the E18 at Gully near Dansberg. Due to road closure, there is heavy traffic in the area.

Many cars got stuck in the snow

Shortly afterwards, Vegtrafikksentralen Øst reported a chain collision on the E6 at Hauerseterkrysset in Ullensaker in the direction of Oslo.

Police say a total of four cars are stuck, one of which needs to be recovered. No one was injured.

Around 3.10 pm, the police received information about another traffic accident involving two cars at the same place. No one was injured.

The E6 was closed between the exit and the access road, and there was a detour from Hauerseterkrysset further along Trondheimsveien, but at 15.30 the Road Traffic Center reported that it was open to traffic.

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Earlier there was a problem with E6 at Mortensrud.

Several cars got stuck in the slippery snow, and police closed the exit towards Mortensrut in Oslo until the road was scattered.

The Road Transport Center said the Mortensrud junction was reopened to traffic at 15.15.

Transport operator Hild Bjornstad says the roads are not as slippery as on Monday, but it will be very slippery in some places.

He encourages people to follow and drive according to the conditions.

– It is always necessary to repeat what is applicable: drive according to the conditions, keep your distance and remember that there may be slippery roads, he tells NTB.

Traffic accident in Lier

Police said the crash happened on the E18 at Lear about 20 minutes before the crash in Gully.

– It has three vehicles. Philberger is now on the scene. Those involved are being treated by health workers and no serious injuries have been reported, Hamervoldt told VG around 2 p.m.

He said six people were initially reported to be involved, but the number was unclear.

The northbound lane was partially closed after the accident, but the road was reopened at 2.39pm, police said.

– Traffic is moving as usual.

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