Here the taxi travels at a speed of 200 km per hour

Here the taxi travels at a speed of 200 km per hour

A taxi driver in Tromsø drove too fast with customers in the car on Saturday night, August 26.

A customer filmed the incident and the speedometer read 200 km/h. The Troms Police District announced the following Sunday that the police have the video and that witnesses have been questioned.

The driver was soon identified. The police approached him and confiscated his driving license and driving record.

The case is currently under investigation.

Northern lights They spoke to a group of friends in their early 20s, along with one of four taxi customers on their way home to Storsteins after attending the “Rakettnatt” festival in Tromsø.

A video of driving rudely in the oncoming lane is going viral on TikTok. The police, who confirmed to Dagbladet that they are investigating the case, say that the fact that there were no fatalities due to careless driving was just a coincidence. Video: TikTok. Correspondent: Red/Bass
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– Scared

– A puncture would have been enough, it would have ended very badly. We were scared. All I had to do was close my eyes and hope it went well. We tried to talk. He was smiling, the passenger told Nordlis.

A taxi ride costs NOK 3,100. Now customers are trying to get a refund from Tromsø Taxi.

In the video you can see at the top of this issue, the speedometer shows the taxi driver reaching 200 kilometers per hour before he eases off the gas.

Tromsø Taxi informs Nordlis that the driver has been suspended indefinitely.

The company will await the outcome of the police investigation before making new assessments, and won’t decide whether affected customers should get their money back until the case is over. Kjetil Johansen, acting managing director and president of Tromsø Taxi, tells the newspaper.

Police prosecutor Jacob Berg tells Nordlys that the driver admitted to driving under investigation, and that you normally face an unconditional jail sentence for driving at such a speed.

Total Case: A 30-year-old man has been jailed in “Norway’s worst reckless driving case”. Video: South West Police District. Correspondent: Mathias Moene Rød.
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– Sadness

Geir Martinsen, district manager of the Emergency Police Department (UP) in northern Norway, emphasizes that the case involved is handled by the local police, but he is tough on general grounds.

– A taxi driver’s job is to transport people safely, a special responsibility that he is certainly not used to. Martinsen tells Dagbladet that it is sad to record that someone is willing to take risks at high speed, because the margins are so small.

The UP Chief Minister asserts that over-speeding is often a contributing factor in accidents that end in serious injury and death.

– At such speeds, for example, a puncture can have catastrophic consequences. We strongly warn against this and don’t want to go on the road at all. If something happens in 200, unfortunately we know the outcome, says Martinsen.

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