Vladimir Putin, Russia | The British are incredibly revealing about Russian schoolchildren

Vladimir Putin, Russia |  The British are incredibly revealing about Russian schoolchildren

Russian schoolchildren have started the new academic year with a new curriculum that is attracting the attention of British intelligence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin himself was present at a school in the city of Solnechnogorsk in the Moscow region, and spoke to 30 students in a lecture referred to as “Important Talks.”

The new Russian curriculum focuses on military skills and the Kremlin’s view of Ukrainian history, the British Ministry of Defense writes in its daily bulletin. Intelligence update.

“The updated national history test includes topics such as the reunification of Crimea with Russia and the special operation in Ukraine. The Russian parliament approved the curriculum last year,” the update said.

Russia annexed the Krim Peninsula in 2014, then launched a large-scale aggressive war against all of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which the Russians constantly refer to as a “special military operation.”

Both the annexation and invasion violate international law, and have been strongly condemned by the West.

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Kalashnikovs and hand grenades

“The basic safety component is aimed at older students and includes a basic military training module. This includes handling the use of grenades, drone operations and military first aid,” the Ministry of Defense writes.

Schoolchildren will also be able to visit Russian veterans who participated in the aggressive war against Ukraine.

Nothing new

Says Russian expert and chief researcher at Nubi, Jacob M. Gudzimirsky, there are already youth organizations in Russia that are involved in propaganda and military training for Russian youth.

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Gudzimirsky refers to a concrete organization, the Russian Youth Army (Yunarmia) which aims to train future soldiers.

The organization receives government support directly from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

– This type of organization promotes many of the same things, so this type of initiative is nothing new. During the Soviet era, there were also similar measures targeting children and young adults, Gudzimirski tells Netavisyn.

– When I went to school, we had a topic called defensive preparations, which was about what to do if there was a war or a nuclear attack. It was part of the system, says Gudzimirski, which originated in Eastern Bloc Poland during the Cold War.

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The curriculum has three purposes

The UK Ministry of Defense writes that the new approach has three purposes:

  1. The students indoctrinated the Kremlin justification for the special operation.
  2. Provoking the war mentality among students.
  3. Reduce training schedules with a view to increasing mobilization and dissemination.

The British also write that the focus on operations using unmanned aerial vehicles shows that Russia has learned new lessons from the Ukraine war, and that unmanned aerial vehicles play an important role on the modern battlefield.

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