Genesis Market – NRK Urix – Check if you are affected by foreign news and documentaries

Genesis Market – NRK Urix – Check if you are affected by foreign news and documentaries

On Tuesday, police in 17 countries busted an extensive network of ID thieves in what Europol calls “one of the most dangerous markets for selling stolen account information in the world.”

European police cooperation Europol writes a Press release So far 208 raids have been conducted – 119 people have been arrested. The operation was led by the FBI in the US and Dutch police in Europe. The Norwegian police were not involved.

When Genesis Market shut down, they had a database of about 2 million identities.

Illustrated with crumbs

“This website has been taken over” greeted people trying to access the Genesis Market pages on Wednesday, along with an illustration of a man wearing an FBI hoodie in front of some computer screens.

To the left of the table was a half-eaten biscuit. The operation is called “Cookie Monster”.

– US Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. said the Department of Justice shines a light on the dark corners of the Internet. Monaco says.

Genesis sold login information and so-called digital fingerprints. Some cost more than seven kroner each. Others cost several thousand depending on what they approached.

Everything from Netflix and Facebook accounts to information that could give criminals access to emails and online bank accounts are up for sale.

The network reportedly had 80 million different identities for sale.

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco says they will light up the dark corners of the internet.


– State-of-the-art website

– For a long time, criminals have been stealing the personal information of innocent people. We want criminals to fear what we have now theirs Information, and they should be, says the director of the British National Economic Crime Centre, Robert Jones BBC.

Genesis managed to keep going for five years before the criminal network was busted by the police.

– Jones says it’s a very sophisticated website that’s easy to use.

Genesis gave customers access to a page where they could use the stolen information to make it look like the victim was using their own machines, where they were. Thus, red lights and security alarms are not triggered.

– We have hit the criminal environment hard by eliminating one of the key actors, says Edwards Schilleris, Head of Europol’s Computer Crime Centre.


Do you know how to protect your passwords?

Scroll up

Login password

NSM (National Security Commission) recommends that everyone use passwords in conjunction with something else, such as physical security keys, security tokens, or applications that generate one-time codes.

Unique passwords

Use different passwords per service.

Password programs

There are many programs that help you manage your passwords.

Pen and paper

Personally, you can write down a list of your passwords, but it’s important to keep this secure.

Change passwords automatically

A password is often added, change it regularly.

Do others get it?

You can see if your username and password are accessible to others on the Service ‘;–Have I risked it?

Strong passwords

Try to come up with a phrase that is difficult for humans and computers to crack. It should be a little more complicated, but not worse than you remember.

More notes

In the guide Netved.No You can learn how to create strong passwords.

Please check your email

The Dutch police have established A portal where people can check, including Norwegians Whether their identity was in the records of the Genesis market or not.

There you can enter your email and get a reply within minutes If You are on the Genesis Network.

Logo of Genesis Market

If you have been victimized, the police recommend the following immediate steps:

  • Run an antivirus program. In most cases, this will be enough to detect and remove the malware. Only after this you should change all your passwords.
  • Notify banks, insurance companies, and other organizations that should be notified of identity theft.
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