Boss: A quick lunch for three crowns? very good!

Boss: A quick lunch for three crowns?  very good!

Boss: A quick lunch for three crowns?  very good!
PRICE WAR THIS EASTER AND: You can buy Easter Bunting at a cheap price from discount chains during the day. But keep in mind that prices can vary from day to day.

The price war continues. Chocolate, oranges, and peppers are inexpensive in many grocery stores. that’s good.


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First, we must stress that it is not cheap at all to shop for food right now. on the contrary.

The price hike is well felt. Most of them are for those who have less than before.

In addition, rising interest rates and energy prices exceed the thickness of people’s wallets.

But good prices are expected on some items at Easter.

VG wrote last week about the price war at discount stores. They’re dropping the prices of Easter items like Kvikk Lunsj, marzipan sausages, Nidar’s Easter favorites, and soft drinks.

Cheap and healthy: Oranges have also become cheap lately.

In Extra, a quick lunch bought in a four-pack cost NOK 3.32 a dish, oranges in a loose weight NOK 14.90 and a liter and a half of Solo NOK 7.10 and 29.90 for a four-pack before the weekend.

Rima said they have lowered the prices of more than 100 items such as oranges, leg of lamb, quick lunch and Solo Super.

Kiwi said they charge NOK 14.90 per kilogram of bulk oranges nationwide and NOK 39.90 for four and a half liters of Solo Super.

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This is good for our customers! It shows that competition is working.

Both the government and the Norwegian Competition Authority have criticized the fact that food players have been talking about prices in the media this winter. They believed that signs of a recovery might cause everyone to raise prices and that competition would diminish.

But contrary to what many experts believe, the dramatic price increase was not the case for discount chains.

Will come again. Maybe before summer. The price war is said to have a severe impact on the chains’ profits.

It is hardly profitable for them to sell Kvikklunj for three crowns a disk. These are subsidized temptations that they try to offset with other sales.

What remains expensive?

Often boring and unremarkable items such as accessories, boxes and pasta screws.

So customers must follow.

Easter Trip: Easter is not just food on display. It is also possible to take a ski trip with a record amount of snow across the country.

From the Swedish Tax Agency come at the same time Unparalleled happy news She has large sums to add to the tax.

On average, those receiving a tax refund can expect NOK 15,000.

And you may have more in store than the initial account shows. Last year, for example, the mileage rate for commuters was set. Here you must enter discounts.

And if you need an excuse to have fun at Easter, you can use the tax money on chocolate and sweets, which, according to Statistics Norway, are among the few commodities that have actually fallen in price.

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When there is also a price war on sweets, it becomes very cheap.

So of course it is the case that this can go beyond the waistline.

Fortunately, there is a price war on oranges and peppers. We recommend that super shows be combined with long ski trips.


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