Russian mobilization: – sent to the front without training

Russian mobilization: - sent to the front without training

Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of 300,000 reservists for the war machine of Ukraine.

Only five days after the order was announced, it was reported from several quarters that the first soldiers would be sent to the front.

“The Russian occupation forces direct their new soldiers directly to the front lines without training for the units that suffered heavy losses.” Claims Ukrainian General Staff in its daily update.

– This significantly affects the morale and mental state of the soldiers, and the quality of the performance of their duties, says company spokesman Oleksandr Stabun.

rain fires: These dramatic images are supposed to show thermite bombs over the city of Ozern in the Donetsk region, Ukraine. Video: @ Ukraine Defense. Reporter: Emma Dalin.
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Training lasted for one day

Also an independent Russian news site Medizone He has information pointing in the same direction.

They interviewed Tatyana Dotsenko, whose husband Andrei Kozyrev (45 years old) will be among those mobilized.

After receiving his summons, he reportedly went to the local recruiting office in Lipetsk, south of Moscow, the day after the mobilization order was announced.

He is said to have been sent from there to Belgorod, near the border with Ukraine.

– The exercises took one day, says Dutsenko.

On Sunday, Kozyrev was reportedly told that he would be sent to the front, to the 273rd Tank Regiment of the Russians, and would serve as a grenade launcher. He is said to have distributed helmets and flak jackets to the other soldiers.

– There were 1,000 of them. The wife says there were no medical examinations.

– Likely to suffer from severe wear and tear

Russia also earlier in the war sent soldiers to the front after a few days of training. Many of them died quickly.

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Soldiers are consistently described as low-motivated, and so are the troops Poor management, poor equipment, poor maintenance.

to me British intelligence There is little sign that it will change when the newly mobilized Russian soldiers arrive on the battlefield.

The British Ministry of Defense explains that training in the Russian army takes place within operational units, and not in dedicated training institutions, which is common in most Western countries.

Usually one battalion would remain in the garrison to train new recruits or reinforcements, if the brigade was ordered into battle.

But the Defense Ministry noted that Russia has deployed several of these battalions in Ukraine.

The lack of military trainers, and the speed with which Russia began mobilizing, indicates that many troops were sent to the front line with minimal relevant preparations, the ministry wrote.

– They may suffer from severe wear and tear.

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