Danmarks Listhaug should go to jail – VG

Danmarks Listhaug should go to jail - VG
Good friends: Inger Stojberg and Sylvie Lestaug are close allies and mutual admirers. Now the former must go to prison after being convicted in the Danish High Court.

Former Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg has been sentenced to 60 days in prison in a landmark case of Denmark’s Supreme Court. “Danish values ​​have been lost,” said Stojberg himself, a close ally of FRP leader Sylvie Listauge.


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Controversial, but also hugely popular Danish politician Inger Stojberg has been under threat for nearly a year with a Supreme Court ruling against him. The former Liberal minister became known for his hard-line and hard-line on immigration policy and gradually became a close ally with current FRP leader Sylvie Listauge.

to VG said it’s in 2017 That “Sylvie and I are very close and good colleagues, which means we often discuss things with each other.” The two were referred to as the “Twin Ministers”, and Lestag was gracious in describing his fellow Dane: “I think it’s inspiring to be with Inger.”

Now Støjberg must cover himself for a while from behind a lock and key, perhaps an area with an anklet.

In 2016, Støjberg, as Minister for Immigration and Integration, announced that all couples in Danish asylum centers should be separated where one of them is under 18. The practice, which met with considerable opposition among Støjberg officials, was soon declared illegal as Danish law states that each case must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and that each spouse has the right to be heard in their case. One of the couples affected by what Stojberg himself calls the “child bride case” went to court and was awarded compensation by the Copenhagen City Court.

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Folketing appointed a committee to look into Stogberg’s instructions, concluding that the practice, which affected 23 couples, was “manifestly illegal” and in violation of human rights.

When in February of this year a clear majority in Folketing, including Liberal Party chairman Jacob Ellemann Jensen, decided to open a lawsuit against the former minister, she resigned from the Liberal Party in protest, and is today a non-partisan. and Independent Representative in Folketing, Christiansburg.

Twenty-five of the Supreme Court’s 26 members – many of whom are among Denmark’s most shrewd lawyers – believed Inger Stojberg knew it was illegal, and therefore acted with intent when she presented the scheme. 15 of the judges voted for an unconditional ruling.

The ruling is historical. It has only happened once in Danish history that a minister has appeared before a high court.

Allies: Inger Stojberg and Sylvie Listauge together at Trandom Immigration Boarding School in 2017.

What about the extra political life of Stojberg? She went from being the most influential and controversial politician in the then ruling Fenster Party to becoming a pariah in Danish politics, though not entirely.

For former Liberal deputy leader Stojberg, he has a very prominent star in the populist right-wing Danish People’s Party, a party currently in deep crisis after several disastrous election results, most recently in the municipal elections in November. Party leader Christian Tholsen Dahl has announced his resignation, and now many prominent party politicians believe Stojberg is the right person to lead the party beyond the Valley of Shadows.

DF Top Hans Christian Skippy writes on facebook That Støjberg is the right person to re-establish the DF, which is the party in Denmark most similar to the Frp. He describes the Supreme Court case as an absurd political spectacle, and declares Stojberg to be the Danish politician he trusts most.

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In a recent survey In the Danish newspaper BT 32 percent of those surveyed say Stojberg is the better candidate. 56 percent of DF voters go for it, according to the poll. The newspaper’s political commentator believes Stojberg – whom she calls a “political super brand” (a super-brand) – would be chair of the DF board, if she wanted to.

And that’s exactly what no one but the main character knows. Støjberg has not answered publicly whether it is relevant, and it is also unclear whether she agrees with DF’s policy in areas other than immigration and integration policy. Her old party Fenster, for example, is very friendly to the European Union, while the Democratic Party, like many parties in its formation, has a clear anti-European image.

Danish politics are not unfamiliar with distinguished party changers, and Inger Stojberg, despite the historic ruling against it, could become an important force in Danish politics in the coming years – if she is lured into the Danish People’s Party.
So, if she wanted to, she could in the future become a closer mate to Sylvie to quibble than she was when she first discovered the tune.

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