Keeping the new LSK-Honda a secret: – I wanted to recreate the history and feel

Keeping the new LSK-Honda a secret: – I wanted to recreate the history and feel

All iconic LSK-Hondas since 1977 have been upgraded. It’s not Las Rydgren’s undying love for the club.

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While LSK don’t have all the positions on the table this time around, one scalp hangs over them: beat arch-rivals Vålerenga at home.

So Lilleström stands tall above the prized solution.

It will be coach Keir Bucke’s first game back at Araison since moving from arch-rivals Lilleström earlier this year.

Lasse Rydgren has been preparing for a surprise local derby for months.

He has hunted down a copy of the bright yellow Honda Civics that became the Canaries’ “company cars” nearly 50 years ago.

Romerikes Blad First mentioned the subject.

Sporty: : - The car is surprisingly sporty!  It has 60 horsepower and weighs just 750 kilograms, so it feels like flying.  The Civic became popular during the oil crisis of the 70s.  The car's new technology used less fuel

Completely new

Despite its modest exterior dimensions, the ultra-yellow Honda Civics made quite a splash on the city scene and indeed quite a bit around the country.

Because it was completely new in a football context. Club It may be the first in Norway to arrange a car deal for its athletes.

On a February day in 1977, a total of 27 cars were handed over to the players and coaches at Hasco Motors, an importer in Drammen. machine.

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– In the 1970s we introduced many new things at LSK: training during the day, common uniforms, making rival teams say we look like a singer, so we introduced car contracts, Ivor Hoff is happy in an interview about the car. Agreement.

Lilleström Sports Club became league champions the previous year. It was clear from the cars Front fenders.

Must be “Tommy”.

– The second opened for individual license plates in 2017, I secured “LSK”. It’s in my Volvo V70, but hasn’t been used in three years, says Rydgren.

Then the friend started talking about watching one of the Civics games, he says.

All cars were condemned.

The solution was a trip to Frankfurt earlier this year, where a similar copy was for sale. This is a car deal for NOK 57,000.

The car failed like the 1977 cars, except for the sponsor names on the rear fenders, which are now local powers.

Rydhagen estimates that the project will cost around NOK 100,000.

The all-new Civic bears Tom Lund’s name. He is undoubtedly Lilleström’s greatest footballer and is considered by many to be the greatest Norwegian footballer of all time.

– This is Tom Lund’s car and everyone is standing around it Iconic group picture. I wanted to recreate the story and feel because it’s not just a car.

Personal number plate: Lasse Rytgren received an LSK registration number in 2017.


The car plan was kept secret until Thursday’s event in Lillestrom.

– I expect there will be a rush when I drive around Lillestrøm. It will be related to Sunday’s match.

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But to the eastern districts of Oslo Never Yellow Honda.

– I dare not stop it on Vålerenga, no!

Otherwise, it will be used for rest and winter storage, which is common for vintage cars.

– If not, they rust and die just like the original cars.

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