Wind Power, Wind Power Plant | Two new wind power plants will be installed here

Wind Power, Wind Power Plant |  Two new wind power plants will be installed here

(iFinnmark): Fornebu-based company H2Carrier has announced plans to install two wind farms in Finland. The company wrote in a press release that it submitted a notification to NVE with development plans by April 22.

They want the Oksefjorden wind farm in Skjøtningberg on Nordkinnhalvøya and the Rubbedalshøgda wind farm in Varanger on land located in the municipalities of Båtsfjord and Berlevåg.

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– Projects have been designed through creative dialogue and have already been submitted for consideration in technical committees and municipal councils of municipalities in collaboration with host municipalities and formal planning initiatives, the company writes in the press release.

These projects have a planned installed output of 1.55 GW with an annual output of 6.4 Twh, as well as a total production volume of 109,000 and 610,000 tons of hydrogen and ammonia per year, respectively.

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“Together, the two projects could contribute approximately 3.9 percent of Norway's target to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030,” it says.

Processing in host municipalities

Hence, both wind farms are planned along with hydrogen and liquid ammonia production units. H2Carrier writes that the plan is to use the new renewable energy in its floating facility anchored on land.

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– It avoids large irreversible natural interventions traditionally associated with the construction of industrial plants for hydrogen and ammonia production.

Arrangements are also being made for the treatment of wind power in the host municipalities of Gamvik, Lebesby, Båtsfjord and Berlevåg, which the company hopes will contribute to long-term jobs and strengthening of the municipality to create local and regional value. District Economy.

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– We are pleased to be able to present plans for two large green energy projects in Finnmark, built on technologies and processes that Norway benefits from its experience as an offshore oil and gas country. It is also important for us that we have designed and anchored the campus for the projects so that the host municipalities can support the projects through good creative dialogues with the host municipalities, says Mårten Lunde, Managing Director of H2Carrier.

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Limitations in grid capacity are an obstacle to the development of renewable energy in Finland, but the company plans to establish the industry near the wind farm to avoid this obstacle, he adds.

– Then green energy projects can be implemented without depending on the further development of the central grid, says the director.

Before a development license is granted, the NVE must determine an investigation plan and a consultation process that includes impact analyzes and consultations.

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