Government platform: – – Massive breach of promise

Government platform: - - Massive breach of promise

HURDAL / OSLO (Dagbladet): The new government will not save Ulleval Hospital. Hurdel said on the platform that changes in the structure of Oslo’s hospital would be implemented according to approved plans, which were presented to the press today.

This includes the closure of new large hospitals in Ullewal and Kustad and Agar.

The Labor and Central Party also said on stage that Agar would soon become a local hospital with a full crotch.

– Very serious

This news annoys Rod leader Bizerner Moxness:

– This is a huge breach of promise from the central party that used Dagbladet to issue a final order in this matter. They said they could not sit in the government closing the Ullewal hospital. Rod leader Bizerner Moxnus tells Duclatt that this is very serious for hospital services for people across Oslo and throughout eastern Norway.

– We have not given up this struggle, but it must be very bitter for all those who have trusted the Central Party in recent months, he adds.

The government will soon ensure that the entire population of Groruddalen receives local hospital services at Nye Aker Hospital and implement changes in the hospital structure in Oslo in accordance with approved plans.

Kick against Buhler

Holstein shakes his head at the news of Fijerke Ulleval Hospital in Oslo Weinstere.

It is clear that John Bohler has as little influence in the Central Party as he has in the Labor Party.

– The most important election promise for Oslo, before they leave, is that the Central Party has failed. We in the city council have not received any help from stopping unpopular cost projects. Negotiations should win this case, and when Ullewal is now unprotected, in practice, it means that the government is not ready to stop health southeast programs.

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– Gave and took

– You said during the election campaign that you would use great force to make Jonas understand that Ulleval Hospital should be saved. Apparently you did not manage it. What does this mean for Ulleval Hospital, and what would you say to everyone who thought you would be guaranteed to Ulleval Hospital? Dagbladet’s journalist Trike Sloxwald asks for the role.

– Social Democrats and the Labor Party have differing views on the inpatient hospital. That is a fact. We presented our arguments and thought we had better arguments for a solution other than the one chosen. The Labor Party also had a different position, and in the end it did so. We had a different perspective than we originally concluded. We were concerned that we would have to come up with clear formulas around Acker Hospital. With we gave, we took, to the place where we landed, the scripture responds.

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