Agreement on civil cooperation ready at Oslo City Council – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

Agreement on civil cooperation ready at Oslo City Council – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

The Progress Party will decide on the agreement at a new city council committee meeting today at 17:30.

Deputy mayor: Juliane Ofstad from the Progressive Party will be Oslo’s new deputy mayor.

Photo: Rolf Peter Oleisen / NRK

This has been confirmed by several sources of NRK.

Julianne Ofsted (25) will become deputy mayor, according to the deal. This was experienced by both NRK. Daily newspaper And Pinposton.

Waiting for Frp

Sources from several parties confirm to NRK that the agreement between the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the Progressive Party and the Christian People’s Party was negotiated before the weekend.

Since then, the other three are awaiting Frp.

As we said, it took time for the deal to be approved by Oslo Frp’s organizations.

In the Oslo Frp, there must be divided opinions as to whether the agreement is adequate.

Among other things, it has been criticized for not giving the party enough influence over transport policy.

With such a binding agreement, the minority city council of Conservatives and Liberals would have a clear majority behind them in the city council. This will ensure a certain working peace.

Raymond is still sitting

Although the election in Oslo resulted in a capitalist victory, Raymond Johansson (AP) did not resign six weeks after the election.

The reason is that there is no declared majority against Johansson’s red-green city council.

The Conservatives and Liberals wanted to work out a co-operation agreement before presenting their City Council platform.

The agreement talks about the political impact of FRP and KrF supporting a city council they are not part of.

And it says how the parties should distribute seats in the city council between them.

Oslo’s new city council meets for the first time on Wednesday. Then there will be a place for the new city council.

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