The Swedish Road Administration has a clear message: – Leave the car behind

The Swedish Road Administration has a clear message: – Leave the car behind

Snow chaos continues in Aktor. In the extreme, the entire E18 in Aktor may have to be closed on Wednesday.

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– Leave the car if there is no urgent need to travel on the roads in Akhtar tomorrow.

That's what State Road Service Department Director Torey John Hansen said in a press release Tuesday evening. After a chaotic day on the roads in Aktor, the foggy weather doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is asking drivers to avoid the E18 via Achter on Wednesday and to get out of their cars.

On Tuesday, several lorry trains and cars were stuck on the E18 in Aktor. Due to this, we had to stand in a long queue and take a detour.

Just before midnight on Wednesday night, police reports in X reported that traffic was at a standstill following a traffic accident on Tuesday evening.

– The patrol looks at itself to see a possible solution.

Trailer Scissors: In E18.  VG Notes reported a long, stagnant queue.

– On Tuesday afternoon and evening, incidents on the E18 between Kristiansand and Tvedestrand led to roadblocks, major delays and, in part, long-term stops in traffic. We are concerned that circumstances beyond our control may occur, says Hansen.

The entire E18 can be closed

He says it takes longer than usual to get help, and encourages people to keep the roads open for important activities related to life and health:

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– Don't put yourself or others in difficult situations

Hansen says additional plowing resources were brought in from Aktor's coastal areas on both Monday and Tuesday. In extreme cases, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration may have to close all or part of the E18 by Aktor.

Hansen highlighted the severity of the Met Office's warnings of heavy snow, strong winds and severe drifts in the next 24 hours.

– The combination of these conditions affects accessibility on roads in a very serious way – with very difficult driving conditions and poor visibility. Conditions are expected to worsen tonight and into Wednesday morning, Hansen warns.

Tonight is the peak

– Winds will increase in southern Norway, meteorologist Martin Granerod says at 8pm on Tuesday.

He says it will increase with wind and snow in the evening. According to meteorologists, 20-25 cm of snow is expected in some parts of Akhtar on Wednesday. Wind speed on Akhtar coast ranges from light gale.

– It will be more intense overnight and calm during the day on Wednesday.

Granerod says the weather will improve in eastern Norway:

– Staying weather forecast for tomorrow.

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