The sly 'Norwegian' Christmas movie at the top of the stream: – New Love Actually

The sly 'Norwegian' Christmas movie at the top of the stream: – New Love Actually

American Christmas movie “My Norwegian Vacation”which was partly recorded in Bergen, captivated over 400,000 Norwegian viewers on TV 2 Play over Christmas with its broken-hearted interpretation of Norwegian words and expressions.

In the film, we meet the female character JJ, who meets Norwegian Henrik in a café in Minnesota, and receives an offer for a plane ticket to Bergen just before Christmas. The main roles are played by Rhiannon Fish, known among others for “Home and Away” and “Neighbors”, and David Elsendoorn, known as Jan Maas in the comedy series “Ted Lasso”.

Movie police He called it “My Norwegian Vacation” for the “vibration of entertainment culture” and “the concept of mutual cooperation” and wrote that “Everyone who speaks Norwegian does so in such a broken way that it is considered entertainment in itself.”.

Stand-up comedian Christopher Schildrup He reviewed the BA's Christmas film, writing, among other things, that “Bergen is as beautiful as this text is vulnerable».

– A Christmas cult film
Program Editor and Content Strategy Director at TV 2, Trygve RonningenPersonally, I had low expectations for a Christmas movie.

– It's never easy to predict how an audience will receive something, but I think My Norwegian Vacation is my favorite Christmas movie. And it might even be a new movie called “True Love” — who would have thought, Ronningen tells Campagni.

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So far, 419,000 people have watched the film, making My Norwegian Holiday the most-broadcast film on TV 2 this Christmas.

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– Credit to the wonderful purchasing team who saw in this film something I didn't see, and they deserve all the credit for that, says the program editor.

By comparison, “Tre nötter til Askepott” has been broadcast 78,000 times on NRK, according to TV figures from Kantar. Linearly, there were 819,000 people who watched the East German film Czechoslovakia at Christmas.

– Amazingly high numbers
Ronningen recorded that there were many opinions about the film and its attempt at Norwegianization.

– This is a low-budget Hallmark movie, and I think everyone who watches the movie understands that. The film is what it is – with all its strengths and weaknesses, and that's why it's so enjoyable because so many people have seen it. Because there are staggeringly large numbers, says Ronningen, himself I leaned in front of the screen to watch My Norwegian Vacation.

-I laughed and laughed and really enjoyed this movie. This is a cult film that should be taken for what it is. There will always be divided opinions about the content on offer, so if someone thinks this Hollywood-to-Bergen story is completely hopeless, it's not dangerous either.

– I think audiences are in tune with what they get when they watch a Christmas movie like this, and that viewers in general are more receptive to this type of Christmas entertainment.

The film was available on TV 2 Play from 5 December and was broadcast linearly on the channel on Christmas Eve. If there is something similar on TV 2 in the future, it is unlikely to believe it.

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– I don't think so, but HWhat's pretty certain is that it will be showing on TV 2 next Christmas, and it's also available on TV 2 Play for anyone who wants to watch Christmas talk now.

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