– It’s unforgettable – VG

- It's unforgettable - VG

Actress Kjersty Holman passed away the night before Sunday. She turned 65 years old.


The famous actor was ill for a long time, and slept peacefully at Okerengmyth in Oslo, writes NRKWho mentioned the case for the first time.

Fellow actor Kim Haugen told NTB that the family wants peace.

– He is indeed one of the greatest artists to have passed. It’s heartbreaking for the family, but also for the National Theater as an institution and its colleagues, former theater director Hanne Gløtvold Tømta tells VG.

Actor FOLKEKJÆR: Kjersti Holmen as “Miss Julie” in a 2011 National Theater production.

She was a theater director for 12 years associated with Kjersti Holmen with the National Theatre.

– She was a unique performing artist in Norwegian theater and film, not least theatrical and comedy. The fact that she died so soon is very sad. I felt first and foremost that it was an honor to be its president, and I am very humbled to work with such an amazing talent.

The acclaimed actor has had a long career in both theater, television, and cinema. She made her debut in the Oslo play “Mannfolk” by Nye Teater in 1980. She has also won a number of prestigious awards, including the Per Aabel Honorary Award and the Aase Bye Scholarship.

A Tribute to Holmen: Former stage director Han Glotfold hails Kjersti Holmen as an outstanding talent who is multi-faceted and who can master all genres.

– never forget

– It’s unforgettable. Exceptional. She was an actress of amazing scope. Not only should she be remembered for her good roles, she had an incredible talent. It has given Ibsen new depth to the national theater, says Jon Silas, a longtime critic of VG.

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He says Holman was humble by nature and didn’t want much attention.

– Her public life has been the professionalism of what she does, the ability to give a lot in everything.

Silas says Holman fell ill in the last ten years of his life.

– Unfortunately, you could not do everything you were supposed to do in life. But he says she was good at what she did.

Thought to be remembered as a famous actress, it was easy to understand.

Weakness and humanity.

The Hege Schøyen (left) and Kjersti Holmen in “Sincerely, Hege and Kjersti” at the Dizzie Show Theater in 2003.

Long and award-winning career

Holman has appeared on screen frequently and had a long career in the theater, with both stage productions and performances. Among other things, she collaborated with Hege Schøyen. Together they sold 16,000 tickets for the musical “Fame” in 2003. She is well remembered by many for this collaboration. They also had a TV series together at this time.

The TV series I made with Hege Schøyen is the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV, says Selås.

The Royal Court appointed Holmen Knight First Class of the Order of St. Olaf “for her efforts in the Norwegian Dramatic Arts” in 2009. She was awarded an Honorary Award by the Amanda Committee in the same year.

She has been a fixture on the National Theater since 1981, worked permanently in 1992 and played more than 20 major roles there.

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