Elaine Bell reveals a new torch after the tragedy

Elaine Bell reveals a new torch after the tragedy

A year and a half ago I witnessed Profile of “Swedish Hollywood Wives” Elena Bell (36) His biggest nightmare when her husband Michael Thean died suddenly. Thean collapsed near the couple’s house In Los Angeles after dogs roamed the neighborhood, he was only 45 years old.

The autopsy report showed that Theanne died of a heart attack, and that he had an underlying cardiovascular disease that no one knew about. This led to infarction.

Belle and the couple’s then 2-year-old daughter Luna were seated again, and the TV profile was open on several occasions about the intense grief he’s enduring.

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For many, it can be hard to move on after a partner dies, but now Belle can share the good news that she did just that.

– I’m meeting someone. He lives in Los Angeles and is very cute. She is very new, and I do not intend to reveal her identity yet, as she says in an interview with the Swedish express.

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Despite the fact that she is relatively silent about her new flame, Belle can reveal that he is not Swedish, but from the USA. Swedish site Event It should be, in turn, Gleb Savchenko, known among other things, “Dancing with the Stars”, which we are talking about.

On her part, the 36-year-old has not revealed who she is dating.

– scary

However, the new girlfriend is not the only change in the life of the TV profile. After the death of the husband Among other things, she chose to move out of the house they shared Together in Los Angeles.

At the time, she justified the move by saying that the house seemed too big and unsafe without it.

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– We (Elena Bell and her daughter, Unim Magazine.) are going to move into an apartment with 24-hour security where we can live for one year. In the meantime, I’ll try to find a place where we can buy it, and feel safe. I’ve always thought it scary to be home alone because we’ve experienced burglaries before, as she previously stated, according to express.

– two options

Conversion Aftonbladet She has previously said that she often talks to little Luna about her father.

– I told you he is in heaven now, and that one day we will see each other again, but this will take some time. The 36-year-old said he is forever in our hearts, and that he loves her.

In the interview, Bell also admitted that it is her daughter Luna who still makes her feel hopeful in life.

– I have two options. Indulge yourself completely in depression or living and be strong for my daughter and assure me that she has a positive mother and a positive life despite what happened. She said I chose the latter, and Michael chose that too.

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