Damli’s tone: – It was intense

Damli’s tone: – It was intense

This fall, Tone Damli (35 years old) was seen as a participant in the program “Stjernekamp” on the NRK channel. Certainly, she had to settle for fourth place, after receiving the lowest number of votes two weeks ago.

– Absolutely terrible

– It was a bit silly. Because yes, you know this could be the outcome and you try to adapt to it, but then you stand there, Damle tells Se og Hør and continues:

– When he shouted (Kåre Magnus Berg, journ.anm.) “The one who has to leave ‘Stjernekamp’ is… Tone”, I was like: “What? It was me? Am I the one who left now? Shouldn’t I be back?” .

Tone Damli (35 years old) is among the participants of this year’s program “Stjernekamp” on NRK. Video: NRK
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It was still somewhere else the mind went, when her name was called, Damle reveals.

-I was equally worried about whether or not my daughter Billie would be upset. Children can react a little to such things.

However, the nine-year-old’s reaction made Damle laugh.

Had to speak to a psychologist after participating

Had to speak to a psychologist after participating

– After the broadcast, she said to me: “I didn’t vote much this time here, maybe I’m my mother now.” Then I said, “Yes, yes, but she’s very nice. Very good, so we’re all happy.”

Although the mother of two did not make it to the finals, she was still very satisfied with participating.

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– There were eight broadcasts that I was able to participate in, so I feel like I can say “awesome.”

She admits that the competition has taken its toll.

-It was intense and wonderful. Demanding, but great fun.

- anything could happen

– anything could happen

On Saturday, it will return to the Star Game Theater on the occasion of the arrival of the final. She and the other eliminated participants will be in the opening number.

– When I went to the tryouts before the final, I didn’t really feel strange. But it was so fun to see everyone again!,” says Damle in conclusion.

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