Sarah (44 years old) was injured in a terrible accident

Sarah (44 years old) was injured in a terrible accident

On September 30 last year, Sarah de Lagarde (44) was on her way home from her office in London. A series of unfortunate events will soon leave a mother of two lying helpless and screaming for help.

Sarah, from Camden, England, has featured the story in several international media outlets recently, including… Financial Times, Interested in trade And Sky News.

It’s a really windy evening this Friday. Sarah is working overtime, and the 44-year-old plans to take a taxi back to her family home as quickly as possible. She couldn’t get one, so she took the Tube – the London Underground – instead.

No one heard the screams

Sarah falls asleep on the plane, and travels several stops longer than she should – to High Barnet station.

She got off, but quickly realized that she had to take the same train back to the city.

It won’t get that far.

On the platform, the 44-year-old slips in a pool of water, loses his balance and falls into the gap between the train and the edge of the platform.

Wrong station: Sarah was actually returning home to Camden Town, but she fell asleep and didn’t get off the tube until she reached High Barnet station. Image: Wikimedia Commons
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– Shortly after, the train moved, taking with it my right arm, Sarah says to the Sky programme “UK Tonight with Sarah Jane May”.

She screams for help, but no one hears. Then another train arrives.

As the train entered the platform, the 44-year-old’s right leg was crushed from the knee down.

Lay more than an hour

Surprisingly, she was still conscious.

According to investigation materials Financial Times She was reached, and no one heard her screams until 13 minutes after she was first injured.

Sure enough, it took more than an hour before she was rescued from the bars and taken to the hospital.

“Stress” was cancer: – Shock

– I was told that it took a while to cut off the power to the tracks – because no one knew who to call – for health workers to come and get me out, Sarah claims to Sky News.

According to the Financial Times, the incident was investigated by several parties, including the Police Rail Unit and Transport for London (TfL) – the public agency responsible for London’s public transport system.

It requires change

All investigations concluded that this was nothing but a tragic accident. Sarah strongly disagrees.

Survivor: Sarah survived being hit by the subway twice.  Photo: @sjdelagarde/Instagram

Survivor: Sarah survived being hit by the subway twice. Photo: @sjdelagarde/Instagram
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Now, just over a year later, the 44-year-old is calling for passenger safety on London’s public transport to be tightened.

– TfL did not accept that they were responsible for what happened. They did not provide any form of support or make any changes as a result of the incident. I find this unacceptable,” Sarah wrote in a Business Insider post.

- People screamed that I had brain damage

– People screamed that I had brain damage

She wants to prevent others from ending up in the same situation.

– I was lucky and survived, but I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, says the 44-year-old in an interview with the Financial Times.

– Top priority

Nick Dent, head of London Underground’s contact centre, told all media that safety was their top priority, and that they would learn from any incident and take measures to improve.

– Our thoughts remain with Sarah de Lagarde and her family following the tragic accident at High Barnet station last year. We’ve offered support through our ‘Sarah Hope Line’ helpline, and we remain open to Sarah’s feedback, he says.

He was beaten at a concert - he suffered a terrible injury

He was beaten at a concert – he suffered a terrible injury

Speaking to Sky News, Sarah claimed that much of what happened that night could have been avoided if security had been better.

– We have been misled into believing that CCTV is monitored in real time: it is not. Why are there no sensors on the rails? Wondering why the stations are not working?


Today, Sarah has been able to somewhat return to daily life with the help of a specially designed prosthetic leg and robotic arm.

The 44-year-old says she is still in severe shock after the accident, and the mere sound of a train or subway makes her feel afraid.

Furthermore, she objects to leaving money to a company that she claims has not taken responsibility or offered any form of financial compensation.

Due to the injuries, she cannot drive a car by herself or her children.

Sarah admits she feels terrified every time her eldest daughter relies on public transportation to get to activities and appointments.

– This battle for TfL’s hearing is no longer just about me. My arms and legs will never grow again. It’s too late for me, but it’s not too late for my kids. It’s not too late for the millions who use the subway every day, she wrote in Business Insider.

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