Confusion about the new NBA championship: – I have no idea what’s going on

Not quite: Bones Hyland isn't 100% sure how the new NBA championship will go.

The NBA kicked off its new Cup tournament on Saturday night. There is complete confusion among some players, but NBA expert JJ Redick believes the new format could be a huge success.


– I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what’s going on, Los Angeles Clippers player Bones Hyland says in an open press conference during… He laughs and shakes Head.

The 23-year-old was just asked about the NBA’s new “League Cup.”

The theory is simple:

The 30 teams were divided into six groups – three in the Eastern Conference conferenceconferenceThe NBA is divided into two divisions. One for teams in the eastern United States and one for teams in the west. In the playoffs, the top ten teams from each conference meet – before the winner of the East and West face off against each other in the final. And three groups in the Western Conference.

Throughout the season, all teams play four matches in each group – before the group winners and the best two runners-up meet in a play-off.

Simple enough in itself – but then we have the reason for the confusion:

All games in the new tournament are also part of the “regular” NBA season, which consists of 82 games. This means that there will not be more matches than usual throughout the season, only that individual matches will have “greater importance”.

Top eight teams from Every section Every section Divisions: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. There are 15 teams in each division.Go straight to the playoffs.

– I see in the calendar that some matches have a cup next to them and then I think: “Why is there a cup there? Shouldn’t the cup be the final match in July?” I do not understand anything. “I’m just trying to win games,” Hyland laughs as the crowd laughs.

The innovation, which was given the cheerful name: «Championship in seasonChampionship in seasonDirect translation: Championship in the season.», presented by NBA CEO Adam Silver. The purpose is to create more meaningful matchups – following criticism that the NBA season lacks excitement until the playoffs begin.

  • On Sunday, you can follow the NBA and NFL live through VG Scoreboard:

The players and coaches who win the tournament will each receive $500,000. (about 5.5 million Norwegian krone).

Plus the trophy, of course.

-The team with the largest number “sick”“sick”Actions. Going to win the championship. He says this is a new opportunity for the most competitive athletes to win more ESPN critic JJ Redick.

Redick himself played 15 seasons in the NBA, before retiring in 2021. And he is very optimistic about the new championship:

-You give these freaks a new reason, a new motivation, a new milestone, a new trophy to compete for. I’ve been out of the league for three years and I’ll say this: I’ve never looked forward to a season more. Never, Riddick sums up.

Positive: Former NBA player JJ Redick is very excited about his new NBA championship.

Even if Bones Hyland doesn’t fully understand how the tournament works, he at least fully agrees that the prize money looks attractive:

-There is $500,000 in the pot. Does that motivate you?

– Absolutely! All of these things are motivating,” Hyland laughs.

Note: The final match of the tournament within the season is shown VG+ Sport in December.


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