SK Fire, News | The fire engine did not arrive due to spectators parking incorrectly

SK Fire, News |  The fire engine did not arrive due to spectators parking incorrectly

There were a lot of confused looks among the 15,098 spectators when suddenly the smell of burnt plastic started to spread throughout the stadium.

There was no glow to be seen – and this time it wasn’t due to the smell of Bran’s ecstatic fans either.

However, it turned out that there was a container fire on nearby Roald Amundsen Road.

Initially, there was a risk that the fire would spread to cars parked nearby, and the fire brigade rushed in.

But the regular fire engine had to retreat, and never reached the scene of the fire.

– Due to incorrectly parked cars in the area, the fire engine did not arrive, deputy fire chief Frode Budtker told BA.

Smither to the rescue

The rescue operation was a small fire truck, named “Smitrine”, which was also on call. With the help of the narrow fire truck designated for staining Bergen and Samau, the fire service extinguished the fire in time.

But the next day, the fire chief thinks about what could have happened.

– People have to be smarter and think about the fact that we have to have three meters to get there with the fire truck. This time it was a container, but it could have been worse. With a large number of people in the area, the situation is not good, especially considering that it is a densely populated area with wooden buildings, says Budtker.

– People simply have to think about it. Use available public transportation services, and if you have to use a car, make sure you have legal parking options!

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Take necessary action before Glimt

Ahead of the final home game against Bodø/Glimt on November 26, when the stadium is expected to be full, Budtker says they will have an extra focus on improving access to emergency services. Sunday’s incident was a wake-up call.

– There will probably be more people on the field and it might be difficult for us. We have a good dialogue with the police and the Urban Environment Agency, and we need to see how we can better ensure that fight is reached. “We have to follow up on what happened on Sunday,” Budtker says.

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