EC Handball, Girls Handball | The Norwegian star didn’t think she’d become part of the girlfriends trend: – I never thought of that

EC Handball, Girls Handball |  The Norwegian star didn't think she'd become part of the girlfriends trend: - I never thought of that

Ljubljana (Netavisen): The Norwegian girls are enjoying great success on the field at the ongoing European Championships in Slovenia.

But things are also going well at home, many of whom met their “better half” in a familiar environment.

Namely, with the help of handball.

– I must admit that I never imagined that I would end up as a handball player, but apparently it suits me very well, laughs Nora Mork.

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Mark: – Understanding and respect

When Nettavisen asks why there is such a large percentage of the national team who have found happiness with other handball players, many Norway girls have a relatively similar explanation.

– Lots of people know who each other is, and you cross paths a little easier in a smaller sport. I think it works so well because you have similar interests, and you understand what it’s like to be a top athlete, says Mork, who has been with Swedish GOG player Jerry Tullbring for more than a year.

– I guess there will be a good amount of time away too?

It’s not just about going to tournaments and being away for longer periods. There is a lot of traveling in this “career” here, and it is only natural that you know very little about what you are going into.

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The big Norwegian star has switched clubs from Vipers Kristiansand to Team Esbjerg, and has previously admitted that being close to his girlfriend was one of the reasons.

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– It works very well, and the reason for that is that we have a lot in common. We understand and respect that things take time, and that our daily lives are what they are.

we help each other

Many other national team players also share the same interest with their partners. Among others, Stein Bredaal Oftedal, Ragnhild Vale Dahl, Stein Rosita Skogrand and Henny Rystad each have another handball player at home.

The latter two believed that it was only natural to find someone who would also do the same.

– The world of handball doesn’t feel quite that big, so it’s often very easy to find someone with the same interests as you. This is where you look first, because you don’t have much time in your daily life. At the same time, you hang out a bit in the same friend groups, and meet through other friends. And then it is easier to contact someone than in the city where we have never been, smiles “sensation” Henny Rystad, who has found happiness with Silkeborg player Axel Horgen.

She told Nettavisen that the two up-and-coming players use each other on a daily basis to talk about handball.

– I think there are definitely more advantages than disadvantages, and now it’s nice to be able to talk to someone without having to explain what it’s about. He is very understanding.

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As for Stine Ruscetta Skogrand, she has been in a marital relationship with national team player Eivind Tangen for several years now, and they now have two sons together. The 29-year-old gave birth to her second son just over four months ago, and she’s taking him to the tournament:

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– It’s a smaller environment than soccer, so you might find each other a little easier. For our part, we went to the highest gymnasium together, got to know each other there. It may be random, but at the same time it may not be entirely the same.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Norwegian national team is awaiting the last match in the main round, against its “arch-rival” Denmark. Thorir Hergeirsson’s team is already up for the semi-finals, but they need a win to qualify for the semi-finals as group winners.

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