Ready for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas – VG

Ready for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas - VG
Poker face: Magnus Carlsen will be looking forward to the chess Olympiad in India in a month. But first he has to play the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Magnus Carlsen, 31, will not answer specifically whether or not he will play a World Chess Cup match next year. But he will – for sure – play the World Cup in Las Vegas next week.


– I will have to decide on the future later, he answers the question of whether now – based on the tournament of candidates underway in Madrid – closer to making a decision.

VG wrote on April 19 that Magnus Carlsen “probably” wanted it World Cup resignationN, without ever losing it – in five consecutive World Cup matches from 2013 to 2021.

– I’m never closer to playing another game than I’ve been before, but there are also times when I’m not one hundred percent sure. I will make that decision later. But if someone expects and hopes that I answer yes to play, then I must prepare them for disappointment, he said then.

The tone is the same now.

– He is not finished yet in Madrid, considering that the candidate tournament will be decisive for who is likely to be his opponent in the title match.

– At the moment, it is very interesting for us to follow them as chess players and fans. He adds that it would be strange to talk about it now in relation to the World Cup question.

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Magnus Carlsen will play his next chess tournaments in Zagreb in Croatia mid-July and Chennai in India at the beginning of the month from July to August. The first is part of the Grand Chess Tour, which he “has not done in recent years”. The other is the Chess Olympiad Championship team.

– It’s the first time in six years that I’ve been there. Norway has the best team we’ve ever had, with four senior masters and a reserve, he says – clearly excited.

– Is this the most fun thing to do?

– not exactly. But in the near future, yes sure, Magnus Carlsen answers.

In addition to being the World Champion in Longitudinal Chess, Carlsen has several times become the World Champion in Lightning and Speed ​​Chess. But it didn’t go well at last year’s Speed ​​Chess Games:

Before that time, he has to play poker.

The “World Series of Poker” is short for the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In short, the World Cup of Poker. in Las Vegas, where he entered the main event (“main event”) on July 6. When asked how much he should go to, he replied that he didn’t want to go much into “finances”. Magnus Carlsen’s participation is provided by his sponsor, the gaming company Unibet.

He played a little with friends, but he wasn’t conscious Trent in playing poker. He was intrigued when he participated in poker NM. He thought it was “fun”.

It would be fun to do this once in a lifetime. He says: Play the World Cup.

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When asked what kind of incentive he brings to the bargaining table in Las Vegas, he answers that he’s a competitive person. Furthermore, he didn’t think much about it, other than he wanted to do his best.

I hope to make a good character, says Magnus Carlsen.

It also suits him to go to the city of games in Nevada now, because the NBA at the same time arranges the “summer league” there.

Always a basketball fan: Magnus Carlsen during a basketball session in 2014.

He stresses that it wouldn’t be realistic to fight at the top of poker, but adds that it’s not always the best that wins. With skill and luck, you can go a long way.

Daniel Negriano (47) is perhaps the best among many outstanding players at the World Cup. The Canadian – nicknamed “Kid Poker” – has become the world champion multiple times since he first flew the title in 2004. Magnus Carlsen obviously wouldn’t be “stunned” if the two of them ended up on the same poker team. The World Cup is divided into four starting tables, from July 3-6.

– I think it’s drawn randomly. Magnus Carlsen says it doesn’t matter where I sit at the table.

Poker Top: Canadian Daniel Negriano. The photo is from the World Championships seven years ago.
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