– I don’t understand why they bother!

– I don’t understand why they bother!

In recent days, there have been many reactions. Looks like two players have been completed for the season. One is punished, while the other is set free.

Fans are worried, players are calling for a clearer line. Everyone is wondering what the decision-makers are up to.

TV 2 ice hockey expert Eric Follestad understands the reactions, but thinks it would be all too easy to blame the volunteers who have now signed the Passport.

– Everything is done by volunteers, and therein lies the problem. The expert says if we want more continuity, and we want those who take penalties to be better at their job, then Norwegian ice hockey must invest in the safety of the players.

Money is on the table

– Those sitting in ‘Player’s Safety’ now have to sit with this after they get home from work, cook dinner, put the kids to bed, and then they have to discuss what punishment should be for Martin Røymark.

– I don’t understand why they bother, as much nonsense as they get, says Follestad.

Player Safety is a body in the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association that will assess whether events in the Fjordkraft league should follow punishment.

The hockey guru knows it’s time to invest in someone who is pushed to make judgmental decisions.

– Norwegian hockey should put money on the table for someone with the main responsibility. Someone who knows all the mechanics of playing in the Fjordkraft league and playing in the playoffs. Someone who is competent enough and gets paid to do the job.

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– But it’s about finances and resources, of which you have very little.

He adds that he believes it is a matter of priorities, and that if you want a clearer line around player safety, money needs to be invested.

– that’s what you get when you run a mini hockey league with no resources. Here you have to choose and prioritize. If we want to continue, we must try to become more professional. It’s all about money and priorities about where we should put our money.

Colored with the result

The player Storhamar Jacob Lundell Noer can according to Red Arbidblad He is sidelined for the rest of the season after a confrontation with Manglerud Star players Markus Prinseven and Joachim Ingbraten Hermansen.

There was no follow-up status for the participants. The decision was met with strong reactions among fans on social media, but the hockey expert believes it is easy to be affected by the outcome of the incident.

– You are very colored by the outcome of what is happening. If Neuer had not been infected, no one would have called for quarantine.

– Such that you have to judge on the basis of action and not on the basis of consequences. Bryhnisveen jumps into Noer from behind. A situation like this we’ve seen a million times in this league. It’s very unfortunate that Neuer is on his knees in this situation, says Follestad.

– I’m disappointed I didn’t get to play in the qualifiers, says Neuer, who has no more to say about the situation now. Markus Brehnnisfen did not want to comment on the matter.

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– sunny

In the same round, Frisk Asker’s Emil Wasenden left the ice after a tackle from Vålerenga’s Martin Røymark. The situation ended with Røymark being suspended for two matches, while Wasenden is probably finished for the season.

Perhaps the season is over for the 18-year-old – now Røymark is being punished

– It’s sunny. I think it’s special that the referees don’t deal with it on the ice. I saw it and thought it must be an elbow tackle. It’s a clear match penalty and a suspension of two or more matches, says Follestad.

See the situation in the video below.

The general secretary of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association, Otar Eide, told TV2 that even today it is not possible to get a paid person responsible for making the referee.

– We want more salaried people who can cover important tasks in Norwegian ice hockey, but at the moment there are not enough financial resources to cover this. Eddie says this applies to both clubs and the NIHF.

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