Swedish anger towards Stoltenberg strengthened Erdogan’s position

Swedish anger towards Stoltenberg strengthened Erdogan’s position

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will meet with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christson today.

All parties to the Riksdag, which support Sweden’s membership in NATO, will meet in Stoltenberg.

But writes that the Vänsterpartiet and the Greens are not invited Express.

– led to consequences

Previously critical of his exclusion, Hakan Svenling, foreign policy spokesman for the left-wing party, is now bringing more criticism of the NATO chief himself.

He recommended that Sweden and Finland negotiate with Turkey separately, rather than defend NATO’s “open door policy”. This has led to consequences for Swedish legislation, he tells Expressen.

Dialogue: Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christson and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Photo: Reuters/Eve Hermann
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It is clear that Stoltenberg strengthened Erdogan’s negotiating position through his actions.

Svenling believes that this once again forced the government to ignore the lawyers in the Law Council and listen to Erdoğan.

He referred to the criticisms leveled by the Legislative Council against the government’s new bill on terrorism law, which will be voted on soon.

– sad

Former Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson also criticized the decision not to invite the Left Party and the Green Party to the meeting with Stoltenberg.

- Then the world becomes more dangerous

– Then the world becomes more dangerous

– I think it’s sad that Ulf Kristersson chose not to invite all parties. The whole of Sweden will join NATO and then all parties should be allowed to join, Andersson tells GP.

The prime minister does not approve of the criticism.

Information that all parties should have is communicated across other contexts, such as the Foreign Affairs Committee. It’s another matter, he told the Associated Press, that pro-NATO parties get to meet the NATO secretary general.

The worst we’ve ever been in

At the end of January, the Swedish Prime Minister said that the NATO issue is the most important for the country’s security.

– There is no security issue more important for Sweden than ours, with Finland, quickly becoming a member of NATO, – said Kristersson at a press conference.

– I want to encourage everyone in Sweden to see the seriousness of this. This is very dangerous.

strong impressions A video clip of the Ukrainian soldier Timofey Chadora, published by several media outlets, shows the soldier shouting “Glory to Ukraine” before he was apparently killed by several gunshots. Reporter: Christian Fjermeros/Dagbladet
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The day before the hastily convened press conference, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sweden could not wait for more support from Turkey. For NATO application, after the burning of the Koran outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

– This is the worst thing we’ve been involved in since World War II. Christerson said it threatens our democracy and threatens peace.

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