You couldn’t see this on TV

You couldn't see this on TV

The TV show 2 “Sommerhytta” quickly became a favorite of viewers when the first season appeared on the screens in 2017. In the fourth season, the couple Janet Feldstad (43) and Jerry Johansson (42) One of the participating couples who fought to win their summer cottage.

During the program, the four couples had to go through many difficult challenges and competitions. In the end, the pair had to settle for second place, right behind the winners Øyunn Krogh (26) and Levi Tree (24).

Now, more than two years later, Fjeldstad can reveal to Dagbladet that there are many objectionable things that haven’t been shown on TV.

Offers: Sarah and Ibrahim won the 2022 Summerhita, here they review the winning booth. Video: Stephen Petersen
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Everything became heavy

Fjeldstad and Johansson mostly have good memories from their season. However, there were many details TV viewers didn’t catch during the season, and for Dagbladet, the former reveals what it really was like when they built the booth.

– All the other cabins had electricity, water and sewer, but the cabin for me and Jerry wasn’t. There is too much going on outside, Feldstad says, and he can’t stand the daylight.

Initially there were four different cabins, but two of them were not ready for filming, as they were not approved by the municipality. As a result, two new ones had to be built within two to three weeks.

– Then we had to use some other cabins and then it wasn’t ready. So it was really stupid, we used candles until the day of the final, and it was hard. Others could go to the toilet on their own, and we had to go into the woods, she continues, adding:

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– Everything was heavy, no hot water and we were not allowed to wash the cabin like everyone else. You’re a little bitter about it, it should be the same.

injury: Not everything was filmed in “Sommerhytta,” like when Liz cut herself. Video: Steffen Pettersen / TV 2
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Read TV 2’s response in more detail!

– very sad

Furthermore, Fjeldstad explains that she and her husband discovered the cabin’s flaws from the carpenters who built all the cabins.

– Our cabin electricians finished the final night at about twelve o’clock at night, when the others were busy decorating. At that time we filled the cabin with electrical stuff and plumbers were busy with water. She reveals that they never understood it.

After the program, the cabin was offered for sale and the new owners were very happy to use it, but initially this was not the case.

– The people who bought our cabin had a severe water leakage and had to demolish the entire cabin, as everything was rotten. I think it was very sad, she was also a follower of mine, she says.

The winner of “Sommerhytta” 2022 was chosen, but not everything went as it should during the final. Video: Stephen Petersen
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Fjeldstad, who has been in contact with the new owners, keeps track of the fact that they still own the cabin, but the insurance company has spent half a year putting everything back in place.

Editorial Comments

TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Petter Dahl, says there are many accidents small and big that happen while recording their shows, but they weren’t included in the bottom line.

– Sometimes because it wasn’t filmed and sometimes there are editorial provisions that mean it wasn’t shown.

Then he continues:

– We do not have the opportunity to delve into detailed questions from a television production that was recorded more than three years ago.

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