Climate change, emissions | Climate scientist about temperatures in southern Europe: – Deliberate migration will begin

Climate change, emissions |  Climate scientist about temperatures in southern Europe: - Deliberate migration will begin

This summer, severe weather has swept across Europe. UK issues drought alert And hit the continent one A grim record of wildfires.

There are many who suffered more than they wanted in terms of temperatures when they went on holiday, says Hans Olaf Heegen of the Meteorological Institute to Netavizen.

On the other hand, Hygen believes that in Norway we will not encounter similar circumstances.

– There will be no such kind of heatwave in Norway. The chance of Norway reaching 40 degrees is very small. This summer we had a dry summer in eastern Norway.

– He adds that the drought in eastern Norway in the summer is a real possibility going forward.

But what do heat waves and extreme weather in southern Europe mean for Norway?

Start buying houses in Norway

If you just look at how climate change is affecting tourism, you can imagine that this can be positive for our wonderful country.

– But there are a lot of other factors that influenced this, such as the war in Ukraine and tougher climate policy. Climate researcher Carlo Al says long voyages will be too expensive and cruise ships will have to be stopped due to climate concerns. In Vestlandsforsking to Nettavisen.

He believes that in the future we will get more Swedish and Dutch tourists, and fewer Asians and Americans.

At the same time, he points out that there may be demographic changes in Norwegian society that we will notice.

– I would like to believe that as temperatures rise in southern Europe, a cautious exodus will begin. First of all by the wealthy who started buying housing in Norway.

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– I have friends who have begun to do this, including from Israel.

Migration will occur in slightly less dramatic forms than what we are beginning to call climate refugees, Aall points out.

– It’s going a little slower, you plan on it. You might start by buying an apartment in Norway, and then suddenly live here for half a year.

Aall points out that there are studies that estimate that you will see changes in tourist flows in Europe due to climate change around 2040.

– I think it will come before 2040, and sooner than we expected. I think we’ll start to see that in 2030.

2030 is also the year the world must have been able to halve emissions in order to reach the 1.5 degree target.

– Either we succeed, and then we have to turn violently with actions. Otherwise we will not get it done, and it will frighten the wits like me.

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There’s not much fun with dry southern Europe

climate world hyggy What is happening in Europe now, he says, is what the institute has been warning about for 20 years.

– We see that what he warned us about is starting to happen. There will be many warm years and high temperatures.

Hygen, as we’ve known about climate change for a long time, wishes it had been addressed earlier.

– We should have done more sooner. Climate trend was determined in my time. We will have little impact on any measures we may take in the next 30 to 40 years. What we have achieved today will contribute to a less difficult climate at the end of the century.

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He himself is convinced that climate research has succeeded in being very accurate.

– We’ve been able to capture the main trends 20 years ago, says Hygen, but at the same time notes that the institute hasn’t captured every detail.

Hygen thinks there are definitely some weather surprises that we don’t know about yet.

– We often bring bad news.

But like Aall, he believes in changing travel habits.

– I think we should expect people to do that. Not sure people would think it would be fun with the dry south of Europe.

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