Tornado in Germany and heat wave in Spain. Extreme weather affects many countries in Europe.

Tornado in Germany and heat wave in Spain.  Extreme weather affects many countries in Europe.

But the contradictions couldn’t be greater.

Two trucks exploded after the storm in Paderborn, Germany. At least 30 people were injured by the cyclone that swept through the city.

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On Friday, a tornado swept the city of Paderborn, West Germany. The winds blew up roofs and brought down trees. The remains were sent several kilometers away.

At least 30 people were injured, According to Paderborn Police. Ten of them seriously.

The authorities are advising people to stay at home. The rest of the country experiences heavy rain and hail.

Lippstadt was also hard hit by the hurricane:

Meanwhile, other European countries are preparing to record temperatures. A heat wave is now expected in Spain “Extraordinary Density”.

42 degrees and the risk of a dust storm

On Saturday, temperatures in parts of Spain are expected to exceed 42 degrees Celsius. He writes that it is between 10 and 15 degrees above average for this season Watchman.

Spain is facing one of its hottest May months in years, according to the country’s meteorological institute Aemet. The reason is hot, dry air blowing from Africa. They also carry dust from the desert.

This worries the Spanish authorities. They have now activated their national plan for abnormally high temperatures. People are advised to closely monitor children, pregnant women, the elderly, as well as people with chronic diseases.

A spokesperson for Aemet warns of a “grave risk” of wildfires in the private, central and northeastern parts of the country. He also says Spain can expect a new dust cloud from the Sahara.

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So people are asked to be aware of the dust in the air. This will reduce air quality.

Dust clouds from the desert often make the sky orange. Photo from London in 2017.

High temperatures in several places

Dust from the desert is also expected to spread over Britain, the Guardian wrote. On Tuesday, the country witnessed the warmest day so far this year, with a maximum temperature of 27.5 degrees.

France is also witnessing Abnormally high temperatures. In the last 38 days, it was above average. In several cities in the south of the country, she set a record.

Temperatures in France do not meet the technical definition of a heat wave. However, they create big problems, especially for the country’s farmers. May, among other things, is a crucial time for wheat crops.

India and Pakistan also saw record high temperatures in April and May. One A recent study from the UK’s National Weather Service It indicates that the probability of extreme weather in these countries is increasing. Climate change makes it 100 times more likely.

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