Bricks fell from the roof of the nightclub

Bricks fell from the roof of the nightclub
Dismissed: Guests at the nightclub were evacuated quickly and efficiently, according to police.

Brick and plaster fell from the roof of a nightclub in Møllergata, Oslo. Two were slightly injured


Police went to Møllergata in Oslo after a landslide was reported inside a nightclub. Plaster and bricks fell on the dance floor.

– All emergency services are on their way, and guests begin to evacuate themselves, which is the first message from the police.

In an update, police write that a brick fell on a person’s head as a result of a landslide.

– Two were lightly wounded, one struck by a brick, the other by some other debris. The two were sent to the emergency room when operations manager Lina Oden told VG 01.44 that things were calm.

He said the plaster and bricks that fell on the dance floor on Saturday night were, and at one point it was a bit confusing.

– Emergency services have now arrived and are working to get an overview. But there was a bit of confusion at first as people started to leave.

– The collapsed roof has a ceiling of less than one square meter. It was plaster, but there was a brick on top of the plaster, Oslo police chief Victor Froy told Vijay at the scene Sunday night.

Blocked: Picture after being kicked out of a nightclub until Sunday night.

– The fire alarm was extinguished immediately and guests were evacuated quickly and efficiently, so they did everything right here. It is currently being considered whether it can be reopened. Firefighters are now coming in and inspecting the building, Furoy said.

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Viji told eyewitnesses that he suddenly slipped a little from the roof while they were standing and dancing.

Speaking to a guest Viji says that the landslide was caused by a person hitting an umbrella inside the place and it got stuck in the roof. The finish fell off when I tried to take it out.

The guest was very impressed with how quickly the place was evacuated. The bartenders and guards were wearing underwear and in two minutes 250 people were on the street, the guest says.

Operations Manager Lina Otten said police did not yet have witness details, but did not rule out the possibility that similar information could come in at the inquest.

The slip in the nightclub should be about 0.5 square meters.

Police write on Twitter that the owner has decided that the nightclub will be closed.

– Guests who were inside will help recover the property. The police are prosecuting.

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