Anne Remin returns to NRK | News letters

Anne Remin returns to NRK |  News letters

This year, the TV campaign goes to Plan Action to Combat Child Marriage. Under the measure’s name “Children Not Brides,” the plan wants to reach three million people to end child marriage.

– I didn’t need any time to think to say yes to being the host of the TV campaign. He says this year’s topic is very painful and important Anne Remin In a message from NRK.

Rimmen returns to NRK to take part in the TV campaign, which is considered the largest fundraising campaign in the world. That a lot of participants in the TV campaign are doing that Robert Stoltenberg Respectable:

You feel like a privilege, you feel involved in something important. I am really happy and proud that volunteer work and the joy of giving have such a strong place in our community,” he says. Now the broadcast is planned in full swing, and the presenters are learning a lot about the causes of child marriage and what measures can prevent its occurrence.

The third man in the host trio, Christian Strand, remembers a reportage trip he took in Niger a few years ago. Niger is one of the countries that will work against child marriage in the country.

Poverty is extreme, and parents are under severe pressure. Strand says it’s no surprise that child marriage has been tried as a way out for some of them.

NRK writes that with income from this year’s TV campaign, Plan will work to promote, protect and educate girls to prevent them from marrying as children. They believe this is especially important at a time when the Corona crisis has further weakened the rights of girls. The projects will be in countries where child marriage is prevalent: in Bangladesh, Nepal, Niger, Malawi and Mali.

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work leader Vibeki Ostby She says she’s getting her fingers crossed that this year’s TV campaign won’t be entirely digital, as it was last year.

– We notice that many have missed going on the most important Sunday trip of the year. Now we hope to finally meet again! With the gun in hand, we can invite neighbors to make a contribution in either cash or tips, at the same time as we report on the important issue of the year, says Ostby.

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