“Fingernails” is a sincere romantic film with the atmosphere of “Eternal Sunshine” – Cinema

“Fingernails” is a sincere romantic film with the atmosphere of “Eternal Sunshine” – Cinema

There is no doubt that today’s advanced technology has made our lives easier than ever before. But for all the comfort and certainty it has brought us, have things also changed for the worse? Does the ability to find a life partner based on dating app results fundamentally disrupt one of the most powerful human emotions we can feel: feelings of love? A new satirical sci-fi inspired romantic drama nails He’ll say, yes.

nails The film takes place in the near future where couples have the ability to clinically test their love and find out if they and their partner are actually a match. As founder of the pioneering institute (Luke Wilson) He says: “I founded this institute to risk love. No more uncertainty, no more wondering if you’ve chosen the right partner. Willing subjects who roll the dice agree to weeks of experimentation that leads to the final part of the testing process: the fingernail test (which, as the film states, is the first place love can be discovered).

Seeing partners find their true love inspires the young and impressionable Anna (Jesse Buckley) So much so that she started a new job at the institute. She is already lucky enough to have a successful compatibility with her partner (Jeremy Allen White) – which is seen as a relief to him more than anything else – Anna is quick to learn the job. Being passionate about the process, she also enjoys learning from her colleague Amir (Riz Ahmed), and she is a kind-hearted and compassionate person to be associated with. Together they conduct weeks-long experiments on apprehensive couples – including blindfolded sniff tests of the scents of the couple’s different partners, and having people sing French versions of romantic karaoke songs (to elicit the strongest feelings of love), and Anna does too. And Amir approaches. As a result, Anna is forced to question the validity of the test that proved she was in love with her current partner: could her current feelings show that her heart now lies elsewhere?

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nails It is a warm-hearted and tenderly made romantic film that will make you evaluate your feelings and your place in life. But it’s not entirely happy. exit Christos Nikoswho co-wrote the screenplay with Sam Steiner a duck Stavros Raptisplayfully blends into a funny, offbeat world of sci-fi absurdity that evokes emotions Eternal sunshine of the spotless mindOr even Spike Jones, here. It has an amusing strangeness, but not quite as strange as his first feature, The Apples (which fits neatly into the category of “weird Greek wave”, which is often attributed to Yorgos Lanthimos’s films, such as The Lobster and The Lobster). Poor things coming). Nikos brings a cold tone to the film, which makes the jokes even better. Seeing couples watching a marathon of Hugh Grant romantic comedies in order to develop their feelings of love is quite funny. But ultimately, it feels like a warm world worth experiencing (credit to cinematographer Marcel Rives, who brings a wonderful film quality to the look).

In the lead role, Jessie Buckley proves what makes her character so compelling. With her natural warmth and lively spirit, she brings a radiance that makes it impossible not to fall in love with her (see her singing Yazoo, “Only you.” melting ice). Not to be outdone is Riz Ahmed, who also brings an earnest sincerity that makes their relationship feel like the kind of “Jim and Pam” couple you hope they end up together. It’s saying a lot when you suddenly find yourself rooting for Jesse Buckley to deliberately not end up with Jeremy Allen White, who continues to rely on his more zany qualities.

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Distributed by Apple TV+, nails It will be greatly enjoyed by audiences looking for a heartfelt romantic comedy with a bit of sci-fi silliness. Even if the film is ultimately a little more conventional than it could have been, with an almost predictable ending, it is a beautiful story that will have you checking your true feelings. This is something you probably won’t get through a dating app.

“Fingernails” is in theaters and available to stream on Apple TV+ starting Friday.

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