Therefore, Alexander “disappeared” with.

Therefore, Alexander “disappeared” with.

Alexander Wei (36) probably captured many hearts when he ran away with his victory on “Idol” in 2006.

Included in “Stjernekamp”

Following the success, With released four albums. But lately it has been quiet from tronder.

Gulstrupen can now tell Se og Hør that he has taught full time in recent years.

Tone Damli hosted on Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and talked about the time from “Idol”. Video: Jenny Emily As/Harvard Bjornrum/Denise Abelung/Watch and Hear.
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– You tried to control my life. I drove and took note, did the things my friends did when they were 18, and had kids. So things happened. In the past four years, I also studied, says B, and I add:

– I’m on my way to becoming a therapist, so now I have a BA in social work in pot, so a little bit left for me to finish by then.

- The whole world turned upside down

– The whole world turned upside down

– Of course you are nervous

In March last year, the 36-year-old and his fiancee, Josephine Garcia-Slaine, were able to welcome a little boy into the world.

Now the father of young children is preparing to participate again in the live music competition.

embarrassed: Thomas “Fingern” Gullestad was clearly embarrassed by what his partner “I fyr og flamme” Ailo Gaup performed on Swedish “Idol”. Video: TV 2 / TV4 / Fremantle
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– I try to tell myself I’m excited and not nervous, but it remains to be seen if it works. You’re obviously nervous about live TV.

– What will it be like when you once again fight for the people’s interest on live TV?

– Surely this brings back some old memories? It has been a long time since I last participated in such a competition. I must think that everything is new and that I have to learn everything again.

- It's so awful

– It’s so awful

He can also say that he takes on the challenge head on.

– I think I benefit from doing something scary, not just staying home and resting all the time. So the challenge is fine for me.

The last time he and I participated in a music competition, he won. When asked about expectations this time around, he laughed and said:

Dave Stewart’s daughter, Kaia Stewart, takes her dad to a surprise audition on “American Idol.” Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner/ABC.
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– He can only come down. I don’t think I should think too much about this competitive element and then get nervous. But I have a competition with myself, in order to overcome fear.

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