Dua Lipa debut as an actress

Dua Lipa debut as an actress

It’s been a year since we saw Margot Robbie as “Barbie” in the first photos from the upcoming movie.

Since then, glimpses of the shoot, with Ryan Gosling as “Ken,” as well as trailers have created anticipation and kept interest.

It was Tuesday open A number of well-known names appeared in the film. Among them are “One Kiss” singer Dua Lipa and well-known actors Michael Cera and Helen Mirren.

It is already known that Will Ferrell will play the president of the company that owns the Barbie brand, Mattel.

speculation generated

Many media outlets have written that fans have long speculated that the British-Albanian actress is involved in the comedy directed by Greta Gerwig.

The reason for this is that the official account of the movie on Instagram followed 15 people associated with “Barbie”, and one of them was the artist. Billboard in December. It seems that the account felt compelled to unfollow the artist after the speculation, because the account no longer follows her.

Now Dua Lipa (27) confirms on Instagram that she will play the mermaid Barbie in the movie.

I’m not going to be a Barbie girl.

In the artist’s comment field, Spotify commented that “summer songs are on the way,” which can be interpreted as perhaps there will also be musical contributions from the pop star. according to daily Mail Dua Lipa reportedly wrote a song for the film, but a spokesperson for the artist did not want to comment on that.

Fans had early hopes that Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” would be used in the film, but that didn’t happen.

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This was confirmed by Len Nystrom’s business manager, Ulrich Müller-Jurgensen diverse In April last year.

The manager didn’t say anything about the reason for this to the industry website, adding that Mattel is known to have taken to court against MCA Records, which distributed “Barbie Girl” in the USA.

The toy company believed that the song could damage the reputation of the Barbie brand, and described the performance and lyrics as decadent and flirtatious. fend off MCA. The case ended with a judge ruling that Aqua’s song and music video did not harm Mattel’s reputation, dismissing both parties’ claims, according to diverse.

The song, released in 1997, brought the group international success and today has nearly 350 million plays on Spotify.

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