January 27, 2023


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Ulrik Brandstorp, Celebrity | Ulrikke Brandstorp with a clear warning to her fiancé

Next sunday The Melody Grand Prix Circus is on againwhen the Dolphins’ final game kicks off.

Among others, Ulrikke Brandstorp (27) performs there with the song “Honestly”, with which she returns to the MGP after three years Escape by winning the 2020 MGP Final with “attention”.

Brandstorp is very much looking forward to returning.

– He’s very sick. MGP is absolutely amazing and I love everything that comes with it. I also feel that I have something unsettled in the context of Eurovision – so I’m ready to give everything and try again. She told Netavien I’m really ready for that now.

hungry for revenge

When Brandstorp won the MGP in 2020, it was initially going to Rotterdam and represent Norway at Eurovision. But the corona pandemic put an end to that, then Eurovision has been completely cancelled Contributions have been cancelled.

The 27-year-old was offered to perform at Eurovision the following year, albeit with a different song. I refused it.

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– I could have run in 2021, but I didn’t want to participate just to participate. I should have had a song that I believe in and can stand up for. I didn’t have it then, but I do now. I also needed to put it away, because it’s been a special year. But now I’m excited, hungry, and motivated. So it feels very now.

But before you can take revenge at Eurovision. I hope you win the Norwegian final. And Brandstorp is ready to fight.

– You shouldn’t take anything for granted, it’s an absolutely amazing bunch to compete with. So this is just a matter of singing your heart out and doing everything you can. She says firmly I am ready.

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It’s cruel to keep a secret

Brandstorp has great faith in her MGP song, which she wrote with Jim Bergsted, Helge Moen, Ben Adams, Joshua Oliver and manager Christoffer Gunnestad.

However, she doesn’t want to reveal too much about what the song is about, but she can give a few small hints:

– It means a lot. He is very “Ulrikke”, and has written against the MGP and Eurovision. It is about the fear of losing someone close to you. Not me without you. Quite simply, the 27-year-old explains to Nettavisen.

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Now that news of her return is out, she’s excited about how the reception will be. And she’s grateful to finally be able to speak out about her return after two years.

– It was so horrible to keep a secret, I’m so bad at lying, she laughs.

I had to warn his girlfriend

However, Brandstorp has been able to talk the engagement out with those close to him, including his fiancée, Oskar Nordberg.

They became a couple during the Corona pandemic, and I got engaged in May 2022. In other words, Nordberg had never been part of the Melodi Grand Prix, an extremely time-consuming project, before.

So Brandstorp felt compelled to warn him.

“My friend has never been involved in this before, so I’m excited to see how it goes,” she says, adding with a laugh:

– Yes, I gave my friend a clear warning that there wouldn’t be much focus on him in the coming weeks.

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