Loreen crushes Marcus & Martinus on Spotify and YouTube

Loreen crushes Marcus & Martinus on Spotify and YouTube
Soviet: Lorraine Zeinab Noura Al-Talhawi (39), better known by the stage name Lorraine.

Swedes welcome Norwegian duo Melodifestivalen’s song with open arms. However, she is more – and more – open to the contribution of one of Sweden’s biggest Eurovision icons.


On Saturday, Lauren and her song “Tattoo” moved from the semi-finals and straight to the final at the Swedish Melody Grand Prix, Melodifestivalen, often called “Melo”.

Just like Marcus and Martinus from Trofors did in Norway a week ago with “Air”.

Eight finalists are now up for the final on March 11. Four more will be selected in the semi-finals next weekend.

Final clarification: Markus and Martinus Gunnarsen (both 21) are competing at Sweden’s Melodifestivalen this year. Here after the conclusion of promotion from the semi-finals.

On Saturday night, Mello’s Swedish hits were put up for streaming for the first time.

The numbers so far show that Marcus and Martinus have won the hearts of many Swedes – but there is also a long way to go before Lorraine’s popularity.

Record numbers

Loreen first won Melodifestivalen and then the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, with “Euphoria”.

The song is one of the most famous ESC winners of all time.

Based on just two and a half hours of airing Saturday night, Loreen’s new “Tattoo” entered at #40 on Spotify Sweden’s daily updated chart. The movie “Air” by Marcus and Martinus entered the 194th place.

Sunday’s Metal Stream from Spotify Perhaps it gives a more accurate picture of reality: Loreen goes top there, with 375,599 plays in Sweden.

according Aftonbladet Spotify’s all-time highest number, for “Mello” which is so far only a semi-finalist.

Marcus & Martinus moved to third place, with 159,978 plays.

In between comes another contribution from Mello: rock band Smash Into Pieces. “Six Feet Under” was played 197,701 times on Spotify on Sunday.

Lorraine, Marcus and Martinus all have many fans internationally, but until Melo’s decision the win is in favor of the Swedes.

Based on Saturday’s numbers, Lauren’s “Tattoo” has 54 percent of Swedish listeners, while Marcus and Martinus’ “Air” has 62 percent.

Barely five

On YouTube the balance of power is stronger in favor of Lauren.

At the time of writing, her movie “Tattoo” has 922,000 views Melodifestivalen official YouTube channel.

Marcus and Martinus’ “air” number is 170,000 – just under a fifth of Lorraine’s.

The YouTube numbers are the combined international numbers for the songs, they don’t tell us how many Swedish plays the songs have.

Bookmakers also believe in Lauren.

the site Eurovision world Based on odds from five different companies, I calculated that, at the time of writing, Lauren has a 72 percent chance of winning Melodifestivalen.

Marcus and Martinus are second – and have an 11 percent chance of winning in Sweden.

Eurovision world whoops tooin analogy with the 13 bookmakers in the account, Sweden is the most likely winner of the entire Eurovision, with a 30 percent chance at the time of writing.

This means before naming the Swedish winner.

It is followed by Ukraine with 16 percent, Finland with 11, Norway with six and Great Britain with five.

If Loreen wins Melodifestivalen and will once again represent Sweden at Eurovision, she has no stats on her side in terms of going on top.

The only artist to win the competition twice is Ireland’s Johnny Logan, who won in 1980 and 1987.

Alexander Rybak, Norway’s latest Eurovision winner, attempted to repeat the 2009 “Fairytale” triumph after nine years – but ended up 15th for “This How You Write A Song” in 2018.

The previous year, Lorraine had tried again at Melodifestivalen, but was eliminated.

Try again: Alexander Rybak on stage during the ESC Finals Lisbon 2018.

VG has been in touch with Marcus and Martinus’ press officer. It is reported that the duo is traveling and has no opportunity to comment on the matter now.

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