Rebecca Loos is making headlines abroad

Rebecca Loos is making headlines abroad

Rebecca Loos, 46, is the name once again on everyone’s lips, after Netflix released the ‘Beckhams’ documentary series this week.

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In it, the Beckhams share candidly about the ups and downs they’ve experienced in the spotlight. Among other things, they talk about the rumors that shocked most people in 2003.

David Beckham (48), who was playing at the time for Real Madrid, is said to have had an affair with Rebecca Loos (46) – who later moved to Norway – where she lived for more than ten years.

Daughter’s father: A video of David Beckham and his daughter Harper has spread around the world. Video: Netflix/@
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Now Luce’s new life is making headlines around the world.

From Sweden to the United States of America

After photos of Luce and Beckham leaving a nightclub were published, Luce came out to the English media and claimed that they had begun a sexual relationship.

He raises his eyebrows

He raises his eyebrows

The former Manchester United star was clear all along that the information was incorrect.

In “Beckham”, Victoria Beckham (49 years old) reveals for the first time that the alleged scandal greatly affected the family, and that she had never suffered worse than that before.

Thus interest in Luce has grown again in the media, and in a number of countries you can now read recent articles about her new life.

Star meeting: This selfie of Pia Tjelta and David Beckham has been shared by many people. This is the story behind it. Video: Go to kvelders, NRK
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Swedish Express A case was published entitled “Rebecca Loos completely changed her life after the scandal,” as well as a Danish case my house He referred to Luce’s “new” life.

In Ireland, they are also interested in Beckham’s alleged flirtation with the women’s magazine here He now has a case regarding Luce’s new life in Norway.

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Rasser: - I'm tired

Rasser: – I’m tired

It’s also getting a lot of attention across the pond. in America Page six You can read the article entitled “Who is Rebecca Luce?”.

– I don’t regret it

Since rumors of the scandal spread, Loos has married Norwegian doctor Sven Kristigar Skaya. The two live in Hemsedal, and have two children together.

In the wake of media hysteria, Luce expressed the opposite Look and listen She regrets how she handled the Beckham scandal.

Climate prediction: Football magazine FourFourTwo got its 1998 prediction about David Beckham wrong relatively well. Video: The red card.
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-I was young and inexperienced. But now I’m a mother and a wife, and if I knew what I know now, I would do things differently. I don’t regret telling me about the incident, but I do regret the way I did it.

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