Unique to the Final – VG

Unique to the Final - VG

Four participants competed for last place in the second MGP semi-final. Farida emerged victorious.


Farida won her second semi-final at the MGP. This means that she is ready for the final on February 19.

– No, it was very strange, she says with tears in her eyes, before she cried:

– Whoo!

As usual, the show – and the competition – takes place with duels.

There are two types of duels:

  1. Lily Lowe vs Stephen Jacobsen – Stephen Jacobsen beat
  2. Frida vs Daniel Lucas – Frida wins

Christian Ingbrigtsen, who is it Pre-qualified To the Norwegian main final, which was held after the duels.

Then followed a golden duel between the winners of the first duels.

Farida won the golden duel against Stephen Jacobsen, so she can look forward to the final.

– He was completely sick. I still do not understand anything. I was pretty sure it was Stephen, she says in a post-air interview, adding:

– No, I’m just happy. I am happy.

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Last weekend was bliss Frod Fasil, who won first place From a total of four MGP semi-final matches. This means he is ready for the final on February 19th.

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Host Annika Momrak has contracted coronavirus, only saying hello from home during the second Dolphin Final.

VG reviewer Marius Asp rolled the dice and reviewed songs incessantly during tonight’s broadcast.

Farida had the best vocal performance ever in the somewhat disappointing Dolphin final, and “Dangerous” is a song that could quickly progress toward the final in February, he says.

agree or disagree? You can roll your dice under VG ratings.

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